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The few who do are the envy of the many who only watch.
Jim Rohn

One of the main problems in our society is that we’re pushed to perform in the areas in which we aren’t naturally strong. We worry about our families, finances or status, therefore we say ‘yes’ to tasks, jobs or positions that aren’t the right fit. We keep hunting for brighter future, not realizing that in reality we’re just running in circles.
Stress is the pandemic of 21st century. It lowers performance, weakens body and spirit, even shortens lives.
On a daily basis Silvia helps people who want to increase their performance, boost their productivity and reclaim power over their lives without adding unnecessary stress component. She not only understands the complexity of situation but has experienced it herself. For years she was pushing hard to finish just one more project, make more money and build a sustainable career. Until she realized that there’s always going to be another project to finish, more money to make and yet another obstacle to sustainability. KolbeTM helped Silvia to pin point the real problem and has allowed her to lower the stress level while boosting her results.
Watch this short video explaining exactly what KolbeTM System is, what it isn’t and what it can do for you!

50 Shades of Leadership

Leadership Lessons Learned from John Maxwell

I'm honored to call John Maxwell my mentor and friend. If you never heard about John Maxwell, you absolutely must read this post! John Maxwell is the #1 Leadership Expert by Inc. Magazine and AMA (American Management Association). Called America's top leadership authority, he received the Mother Teresa Prize for Global Peace and Leadership from the ... Read Full Article »

Don’t Just Stand There… Do Something!

Make Your Life Matter

I recently stumbled upon the inspiring story of Kayla Montgomery. Check out her story below. It made me think about people who hide behind excuses versus the ones that choose to be over-comers. I believe that it's our mind that keeps us hostage. Most people choose to live in the first category. They choose to use their circumstances to control ... Read Full Article »

Time Management Evaluation

The word Quiz in red 3D letters to illustrate an exam, evaluatio

My word for 2015 is COMMITMENT. I'm super excited to study it from different perspectives, apply it to all the areas of my life and encourage others to up their commitment too. Here's the number one thing I know about commitment... No one can be committed to everything and everyone 100%. We need to choose our focus, our priorities and allocate ... Read Full Article »

How To Set Goals That You Actually Accomplish

How to accomplish goals faster

We all are guilty of it. Some in bigger scale than others, but we all do it. We set goals just to find out that somewhere along the way we slipped off the road and missed the goal. What is the secret sauce of goal setting? Join me as I look behind goal setting and show you how to accomplish more goals faster. 1. Set SMART goals First reason ... Read Full Article »

My Favorite iPhone Productivity Apps

iPhone Productivity Apps

I'm on my second iPhone now and truth be told, it has become one of my favourite productivity tools. It comes with me everywhere and thanks to some cool productivity apps, it not only saves me time, but also keeps me on track on a daily basis. If you live a busy lifestyle like me, you will love this list of iPhone productivity apps. 1. ... Read Full Article »

My Top 3 Goal Setting Activities

Top Goal Setting Activities

There are times when we all feel stuck when it comes to goal setting. I am no exception. The following are some activities I personally use to help me get back on track, and set goals that matter to me, without getting stuck in the 'what ifs'. They enable me to overcome my limiting beliefs and dream BIG. Are you ready? Here we go... 1. ... Read Full Article »