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Organizations are going through challenging times. Leaders are overwhelmed with day-to-day tasks, with no capacity to focus on growth, innovation, or support for the teams they lead. Work related stress causes low job satisfaction and burnout.
With best players leaving the companies, executives are forced to play catch up instead of leading innovation.
PLC supports leaders and teams around the globe by helping them unleash team creativity and grow impact of their leaders
Better Leadership is a fully customized solution supporting your leaders and teams in a way that makes the biggest impact on your organization. We offer a variety of assessments, tools and services to support your existing and upcoming leaders on their journey to improved communication, increased efficiency and captivating impact. 
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Here are just couple results we helped our clients to create:
    • Improved team communication and cooperation by 75%.
    • Improved leadership buy-in by 300%.
    • Increased customer satisfaction by 150%.
    • Lowered department rework by 30%.
    • And much more.
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PLC is a boutique consulting company working with organizations that respect their workforce and create opportunities for growth and personal development. We reserve the right to refuse an application if applicant's values are contrary to our standards. 
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