10 Easy To Use Project Evaluation Questions

Project Evaluation Questions

Project Evaluation Questions

Greetings from our family to yours! How do you like our new family “members”? We had so much fund building these snowmen with the girls… I felt similar excitement like when I’m creating a new product or working on a new promotion.

Seeing the final result sure is exciting. But here’s the downfall. I see so many entrepreneurs out there (and I admit that I fell into this trap as well) who get so excited about building products and creating something new, they fell in love with the creation instead of keeping their eyes on the reason why they started creating it in the first place or the results they wanted to achieve.

Don’t get me wrong, having a beautiful website, top notch social media profiles or beautiful products is awesome. But what’s even more awesome, is having website visitors, social media engagement and excited clients who keep coming back because they love what you offer.

Below are 10 project evaluation questions to help you make sure that you don’t start creating products or promotions just for the joy of creation, but you actually create the tangible results for your clients and your business. Go through these questions every time you finish a project to make sure you get better results with each new project.

  1. Why did you create this project/program?
  2. What processes were planned and how were they implemented in the project? Other questions that might be helpful: Was the right audience reached? Are appropriate staff in place with necessary skills? Did you have the right mix of activities?
  3. Were there any variations in the process and why?
  4. How could the project be improved?
  5. What were the short-term outcomes?
  6. To what extend have the intended outcomes been achieved?
  7. Were there any unintended outcomes?
  8. What factors helped and hindered the results?
  9. What lessons have been learned from this project?
  10. What are the expected long-term outcomes? What can be done to further enhance sustainability of the project?

Unfortunately, our snowmen didn’t survive the rain that came the next day. We will still build another one once the snow comes back and trust me, we will have fun again. But I guarantee you that going from project to project without seeing any tangible long-term results in your business might be much more frustrating than rebuilding a snowman…

Question: Do you have project evaluation process in place? If yes, how often do you evaluate your projects and do you find the evaluation helpful?

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