5 Keys To Building a Winning Team

Building Winning Team

There are many books on the topic of building a winning team, and to tell you the truth, I’ve read many of them. But reading a book and being part of a team can seem like two unrelated activities.

Building winning team

I’ve had the honour of building teams, working with teams and running teams of various sizes, skill sets and purposes. Some of the experiences were great and some… great lessons. Looking at the qualities of the winning teams, I find that there are key areas that are non-negotiable for a team to win.

1. Vision

A team without vision has no purpose. They don’t know where they’re going and when problems arise (and they will), they’re easily scattered. No matter how great the people on your team are, they won’t last long without wise leadership. Wise leaders paint a picture in front of their teams. Pictures of victory. People who have vision are willing to work harder, persist longer and endure more.

2. Action

Vision without action is fantasy. Action without vision is random activity. Vision and action need to go hand in hand. It’s not enough for your team to grasp the vision, they also need to act on it to make it happen. Inspire action, reward improvement, acknowledge effort.

3. Commitment

The character of the people on your team matters. If people lack commitment, their work won’t get done or somebody else will end up doing it. Both scenarios aren’t good for the team. Building a winning team is all about having the right people on board. And that means getting the wrong people out.

4. Adding value

There’s no I in team. A winning team understands that in order to create the best results, they have to support each other. They need to see the value in others and be willing to sacrifice their personal agenda to serve the team. This is true about any team out there, whether we are talking about sports, projects, business or family.

5. Appreciation

A simple ‘thank you’ goes a long way when it comes to building a winning team. It’s crucial that you create an environment where effort and results are rewarded, people feel safe and encouraged. Ensure that your team is motivated to perform, improve and win. Be specific about what you’ve noticed about their work, ask them for their opinion, tell them how proud you’re to work with them ant to have them part of your team. Their results are your results, and vice versa.

Question: Which one of the keys above are missing in your team? What can you do immediately to start implementing the changes necessary? I’ll be looking forward to read your comments below.


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