5 Simple Hacks You Can Use Instantly To Boost Productivity

Productivity is a buzz word, but it can also become your new reality. Check out these simple tips to help you boost your productivity instantly.

1. Set up customized ringtones

My phone is one of the first things I tamed. It's actually pretty simple. I don't pick up my phone unless it's a pre-scheduled call or someone important. 99% of my calls go straight to voice mail (that's what it's for, right?). I have a couple of special ringtones that help me know instantly when I need to pay attention. You can set up a special ringtone for your family members, different from your team, etc. Then you know immediately whether the call is important or if it can wait.

  • Investment: $0 (use your existing smartphone)
  • Set up time: 1-2 min. per contact

2. Set timers

I LOVE my timers! Again, mine are customized with songs I like. During the day they remind me not only to wake up, but to prepare lunch boxes for my kids, jump on a client call, hit the road or take a break. Timers help me stay focused and stay on track.

  • Investment: $0 (use your existing smartphone)
  • Set up time: 1-2 min. per reminder (I usually recur mine to save time)

3. Make and prioritize your to do list

This simple strategy has brought me more results than any other. Once a day I skim through my long to do list and I set priorities for the next day. If for whatever reason I don't do this in the evening, I do it first thing in the morning. Every day, no excuses. Why? Because even on my days off there are things I want to get done, see and experience.

  • Investment: $0 (it can be as simple as using pen and paper)
  • Set up time: 5-15min. once a day

4. Take time to re-energize

As we discuss how to boost your productivity, it's important to remember that our energy is limited. We are not machines. Yet, even machines need service time or they become useless. Just like a car needs to re-fuel, or a phone needs to recharge, you too need some down time. Yes, focus is important, but so is rest. Have a closer look at your life and check where you need balance. Choose to not overwhelm your body. You only have one to use!

  • Investment: $0
  • Set up time: It all boils down to a decision. Then you will need to stick to it. How about starting with 1hr. a day?

5. Evaluate

However simple this might sound, most of the people out there aren't doing it. Take time to look back at your day and give yourself honest feedback about how the day went, what you got done, what slipped through your fingers. Examine the reasons that happened and come up with solutions to avoid that in the future. Do this every day and your life will never be the same.

  • Investment: $0 (pen and paper will do)
  • Set up time: 5-15min. once a day

There you have it, 5 simple hacks to instantly boost your productivity. Even better, you can do this no matter where you are today. It won't cost you anything other than commitment and time. Yet, once you get into the swing of doing this stuff, you will be able to claim your time back as you get more done in less time.

Question: What is your favorite technique, tool or strategy that helps you be productive? Let me know in the comments below.


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