We strongly believe that the better you know yourself, the easier it is to improve and get ahead. PLC team has certifications to administer variety of assessments to individuals and teams, including the following…

  • Kolbe Assessments – individual & team
  • Leadership Game – best for teams of up to 12 members
  • ACER Assessments – Specialist Tests (QSS) and Staff Selection/HR (QM)
  • DISC
  • Profiles International
  • Team Diagnostics

Kolbe A AssessmentGet Started with… KOLBE A ASSESSMENT

To get you started, we recommend Kolbe A Assessment. This simple assessment can be taken online within couple minutes and its results are proven to be incredibly reliable. During test-retest reliability assessment back in 2006 there were no significant differences over the 15 years time span.

Grow Bigger with… HIRING PACKAGES

When you are ready for more than just assessment, Hiring Packages offer you just that. Request additional services like consulting, coaching, individual or team development, customized training and more. Just let us know about your needs and we will ensure that you see the desired results.

Inspire someone today...