Powerful Leadership: Where To Begin?

Where to begin as a leader

Starting a new leadership position can be both, exciting and frightening experience. What you do during your first days will contribute to your success or failure in a new role. Following are key strategies to help you understand where to begin as leader so that you win the game. 1. Take time to get to…

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How Are You Holding Up?

Business People Meeting Corporate Teamwork Collaboration Concept

Daily pressure. Expectations. Overwhelm. Responsibility. Challenges. People. Opinions. Business. Personal preferences. Family challenges. And much more. Balancing others’ expectations, professional choices and personal life can be tough at times. And somewhere behind fancy clothes, big house and recognition in community you know that things are not as pretty as you wish they were. Broken relationships.…

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Top 7 Leadership Tips For Small Business Owners

Small business leader

Some entrepreneurs are surprised when I mention that the success of their company lies in their own leadership strengths. Many times they are so focused on improving their business, financial, sales and other skills that they completely forget that people buy from those they know, like and trust. They miss that the #1 reason why…

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Top 3 Causes of Burnout And How To Prevent It

None of us wants to experience burnout. But the ugly truth is that most people who do, didn’t have it on their wish list. They didn’t strive to achieve it. Sadly, burnout is a by-product of our actions or environment. It is a state of chronic stress that you experience at your work, life or…

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How To Lead Through People Challenges

People challenges at workplace

Leadership would be easy if we didn’t have to lead people… just ask any leader! Yes, even after 20+ years of leading people, projects, meetings and new initiatives I still think that leading people is tougher than anything else. It’s actually so bad that even educators say that… Most of the problems that we face…

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Don’t Let Labels Define You

Business diversity inclusion

Couple years ago Pantene came up with outrageous ad. It was shocking because it was… well, true (just see for yourself). Men and women are viewed differently. Actually, we all can be viewed differently (talking about true diversity). Depending on a situation, women can be preferred or rejected. Men can be pushed up or down.…

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