Do You Have a Dream?

Man dreaming

A friend told me recently how inspired she is by watching me dream big. On the contrary, I was shocked to hear that not everyone has a dream. It’s sad to see so many to aimlessly walk through life, striving for nothing and dying with regrets. There’s so much we can do in life… there’s…

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LEAKED VIDEO: Top Enemies of Your Potential

Increase your potential

There are many things that can keep you stuck in your personal growth. In my “Living a Powerful Life” program I identified and shared top enemies of potential that most of the leaders tend to struggle with on a regular basis. I’m not selling anything to you. Living a Powerful Life program is currently closed.…

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Initiative Quick Start Struggle (Video)

Kolbe - Quick Start

I recently came across a great video that in a great (and funny) way explains struggle of Quick Start Initiative individuals. So if you who took Kolbe A assessment and your result came as Quick Start Initiation (between 7-10), keep reading. Initiative Quick Starts tend to take action in a very last minute. No matter how…

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The #1 Reason Why Projects Fail

Why project failure leadership

There are countless reasons why projects fail. From team issues, through lack of project management skills, to the low stakeholder engagement, you can find couple hundred reasons behind project failure or delays. If your organization ever led a project or initiative that was delayed, over budget, or under promise, you want to continue reading because…

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Why To Use Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping

When you’re dealing with a complex problem, mapping out a new training or program or drafting your business strategy, chances are that you go through a lot of paper and sticky notes. If you’re a Counter Active Implementor like myself, chances are that sticky notes, flip chart or paper just don’t cut it for you…

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Top 3 Leadership Lessons from the US Immigration Order

Leadership Lessons

It’s been a very exhausting weekend. I spent some time watching the news, reading countless commentaries on social media and Internet re. the recent pause on immigration in the USA. Don’t worry, I’m not going to get political here. My intention is not to take sides or resolve this issue. I don’t know enough about…

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12 Keys To Expand Influence and Maximize Impact

Tips To Expand Influence video

If one of your goals this year is to expand influence with others, look no further. This video brings you super simple 12 tips to help you start significantly improving your impact today. Sit back and enjoy this 1:20min long video. If you find these tips valuable, please share them with others to help them…

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