4 Simple Steps To Being Yourself

Be You

Last week we discussed the importance of being different (or being yourself), no matter how appealing someone else’s style is. If you missed the post, click here to catch up. Today we’ll have a closer look at how to discover your uniqueness. Whether you are looking to discover your unique strengths to set your business…

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Top 3 Tips To Help You Avoid Information Overload

Information Overload

Living in the age of information brings some challenges that other generations didn’t have to deal with. With all the information just a click of a button away, we are bombarded with news, ads, relevant and irrelevant information, tools we often have no time to try and cool tricks we’ll never implement. Today I’m going to…

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Funny Procrastination Video

Procrastination Video

This is a fantastic video on procrastination. Watch it now and make a conscious decision to plan your work, schedule your day and work your plan. It’s the only way to see the results you want in your career and life.     Procrastination is one of the main reasons you might be losing time…

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Top 3 Time Wasters Eating Up Your Time Right Now

Top 3 Time Wasters

We live in busy times when everything and everybody seems to be screaming for our attention. No matter where we turn, there’s something requiring our opinion, presence, action, all adding to our already overwhelming stress. It seems to be harder than ever before to choose between necessary, important and extra. Yet, this is what we’ll…

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Lies, Lies, Lies… Are They Really Helping You?

Lies holding you back

When I get inspired, things get rolling and nothing can stop me. After working with my clients and helping them step up to the next level, things weren’t changing after one day. Every single one of them experienced resistance and had to face his or her own giants. I had to pause and start looking…

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How Setting Priorities Can Change Your Business …and Life

Setting Priorities

Can you imagine living a life where everything you ever start gets finished, gets noticed and succeeds? A life where you have enough time to get everything on your list checked off and done? I’m tempted to say, “Welcome to Utopia!” In reality, entrepreneurs think much faster than anyone can implement (just ask my team……

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10 Easy To Use Project Evaluation Questions

Project Evaluation Questions

Greetings from our family to yours! How do you like our new family “members”? We had so much fund building these snowmen with the girls… I felt similar excitement like when I’m creating a new product or working on a new promotion. Seeing the final result sure is exciting. But here’s the downfall. I see…

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