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Align your life with your purpose and aspirations in six weeks!

Are you a business owner, CEO or an up-and-coming leader with dreams and aspirations but...

  • You feel stuck in the position that was exciting years ago but no longer fulfills you... you know there's more to your life than what you're currently living.
  • You are thriving in one area of life while another one is (almost) failure... you are ready for an upgrade
  • You can't remember last time you created meaningful impact... and you're not willing to continue on this path any longer.
  • You've tried on your own, weren't set up for success... and wish you could start over with the support you need to get it right.
  • You are ripe for change but scared to make a leap and unsure where to start... but you are willing to explore, learn and improve.

Good news... These are things you CAN learn with the right training!

This could be YOU...

Doing what you love and loving what you do.

Making money and helping provide for your family.

Being in control of your life, time and accomplishments.

Feeling of accomplishment about what you have created.

Being aligned with the calling and purpose for your life.

Feeling supported as you make decisions about your life and career / business.

Join me on the journey to not just take control of your life, but reach new level of fulfillment and satisfaction while creating your BEST results yet.

Silvia Pencak

My name is Silvia and I know the challenges you face when trying to take control of your life.


Because for the last 20+ years I've been juggling my work, family and personal priorities while also upscaling my life.

  • While getting my two university degrees I was able to actively support multiple projects and causes
  • During my first years of marriage while being a first-time mom I funded and established a non-profit organization in a hostile environment which serviced community for over 20 years, long after I handed it over to a new leadership.
  • I lived in 4 countries and permanently immigrated with my husband and daughter to a country where we didn't know anyone - yet successfully continued to pursue my dreams and aspirations.
  • Over the years I led and supported over 500+ projects which impacted hundreds of thousands people around the globe... all while keeping my family as my main priority.

If you have big dreams and aspirations, but aren't sure how to turn them into reality, join my "The Powerful Life" program. In this program I show you how you can create the results you want without compromising your values and what's dear to you.

That's why...

I'm sharing everything you need to reach your life goals based on my two decades of experience

(whether you're the business owner, CEO or employee)

It all starts with YOU.

You have talents and abilities that can uniquely impact others around you.

If your vision is bigger than your current reality, you are at the right place. Keep reading and I'll show you how you can close the gap.

Over the years I've seen people go through exact same challenges over and over again. Complaining about lack of opportunities, resources, letting circumstances and distractions to steal their purpose while watching their dreams vanish until ultimately losing hope and faith in ever accomplishing them.

I've also worked with leaders who achieved their goals and made their dreams happen. Difference between the two groups wasn't in the size of their dream. Neither it was the difference in the size of their talent or capabilities. It was in the continual improvement, commitment to their success, willingness to take action and ongoing adjustments.

Smiling professional winning

The Powerful Life program is the result of my 20+ years working with leaders around the globe and helping them become more efficient and effective. These are the ultimate lessons in goal setting, planning, execution and evaluation that will help you play a bigger game and navigate change with more confidence.

I've compiled some of my best strategies, systems, frameworks, and tactics into this program.

Dawn Shaffer

Silvia transformed my business, life and family

You really put me in a place to reorganize certain areas in my life, help me recapture what is important, and helped to reignite the passion in my business and life especially in this time when my life is going through a storm. You helped me help my family in the process. I thank you so much for pouring out your passion for us through this program and your videos. You really over delivered.

~ Dawn Shaffer

Your success matters to me...

When I help you clarify and reach your life goals, you'll be able to help others around you. Together we'll create a ripple effect in the world where stress and overwhelm are a norm.

That's the kind of impact that brought you on your journey, right? 

But... If you burn out, check out or give up, then all the time and sacrifices you've made so far go to waste

Your life satisfaction is 100% dependent on your ability to make the right choices and use your time and strengths wisely.

But how do you make these important decisions while living in the midst of whirlwind and conflicting priorities?

And more importantly, how do you adjust your plans when circumstances arise while still bringing your vision to life?

That's where my "The Powerful Life" program comes in.

This program will help you clarify your focus, leverage your strengths and take control of your life. 

Whether you are starting over or you want to improve your current path, this program is for you!

This program will not only teach you how to plan for success, it will equip you with proven systems and frameworks that save you time.

You'll get access to...

  • Bite-sized trainings that teach you the high-level strategies and day-to day-tactics you can leverage to set and manage priorities across all the areas.
  • Proven framework with worksheets and checklists that simplify the implementation process. Just imagine the time you will save.
  • This is an essential training resource for senior and junior leaders alike. You'll get access to timeless and proven strategies that apply no matter what role or position you are at.
  • These are timeless proven formulas applicable no matter what life throws at you, designed to help you get things done... without a fail!
  • You will be empowered to make better decisions when issues arise and feel confident in your decision making and prioritizing.
  • And most importantly, it's going to help you fall in love with your life again so you can help more people - all while making things easier and far less stressful.

Taking control of your life will get you much further than giving in to your circumstances!

If we just talk numbers, joining this program will become one of the best investments you can make in your life.

Because if all you do is get 1 idea to improve your life... you will be happier and more fulfilled.

Do you think what you're going to learn is going to help you make better decisions and progress further in life?

Of course it is! And so much more...

That's not accounting for the time saved using our proven systems.

That doesn't include the confidence you'll gain in knowing how to make decisions to stir in the right direction.

Or the stress that will be eliminated as you begin to take ownership and control over your life.

The world is already chaotic enough. You should have confidence in your decisions to navigate through it in the right direction.

That's why now more than ever, it has become increasingly important to know how to plan for and live a successful life.

Satisfied woman

So how do you know if you're ready for this program?

This program is not for everyone.

I want you to be confident in your investment so let's talk about who it's for and who should hold off for now.

Who this is for...

Who this is not for...

But if you are committed to building a successful life and you're ready to go from...

...Reactive to proactive decision making

...Scattered to convergent focus

...Impoverished to affluent thinking

...Overwhelm to intentional living

This is for you!

Here's what's waiting for you inside...

These resources were specifically designed to help you maximize your program experience and guide you through implementation with ease. 

Six (6) Training Modules

You will gain access to inspiring and actionable, easy to implement video training designed to help you create your best results and live your best life.

Evaluation & Planning Guides

Get access to my best templates and tools. You'll be able to use these guides to plan your next steps and evaluate your progress. No need to start from scratch, use these proven templates to move forward faster.

The Powerful Life Toolkit 

These tools and resources will help you take what you learn from knowledge into action. This will be your go-to resource and strategic plan beyond your completion of the program.

So if you're committed to your personal success and you want to create lasting impact without the stress and overwhelm, it's time to get your access to "The Powerful Life" program.

Beyond the strategies and tactics, you'll get access to our worksheets and templates to make implementing what you learn even easier.

You'll be equipped to create significant progress in all areas of your life leading to more results, better satisfaction and success.

Are you ready to make a shift?


Stay tuned - Coming your way in 2024!

The choice is yours!

It's time to step into your most successful life.

You could be...

  • Proactively leading your life
  • Creating impact you've always dreamed of
  • Inspiring others to live their best lives... just like you

Or you could keep...

  • Putting off fires and reacting to requests and emergencies
  • Being stuck in living mediocre life
  • Withdrawing or panicking when things go sideways
  • Never reaching your full potential or your life goals

I want you to experience the joy of living a life you dreamed of, making an impact you were meant to make.

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