Do You Have a Dream?

A friend told me recently how inspired she is by watching me dream big.

On the contrary, I was shocked to hear that not everyone has a dream.

It's sad to see so many to aimlessly walk through life, striving for nothing and dying with regrets. There's so much we can do in life... there's so much we can influence and impact.

Don't be afraid to dream big dreams. Don't be afraid to step up your game and do your best to make it happen. What stirs your heart? Hunger? Wars? Poverty? You might not be able to resolve global issues, but you CAN start making a difference today... in your backyard.

Dreams inspire action, fuel your motivation and boost your perseverance.

Dreams turn on your creative thinking and problem solving.

Dreams are vital part of you creating extraordinary results and transforming the situations around you.

Choose to be a person of vision. A person with a dream.

Here are couple questions to help you get started:

  • If you could achieve one thing in life, what would it be?
  • What is your ideal vision for your family life?
  • What kind of impact do you want to have? Is there a cause or community you want to support?
  • What is your career/business goal?
  • Why does it all matter?

You can write this down into a document, turn it into a chart or a vision board with graphics. You can even get creative and turn it into a song or video. Whatever works for you. The key is to create it and keep it in a visible place.

Start somewhere, grow from there. Nothing is going to happen unless you take the first step. Dream. Aspire. Make a difference!

Signature Silvia Pencak

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