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Designed with you in mind, attending to small business needs. Stop doing it ALONE, we walked the walk, understand your challenges and guide you through the process.

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Why us?

Who is Silvia PencakSilvia Pencak is a serial entrepreneur. She’s been in small business world since 2006, facing the same challenges you face today, learning marketing, sales and other business skills to grow her business, building teams, hiring vendors, and more.

Silvia is an advisor to leaders around the globe, helping them manage change, improve leadership, teams and operations. As a CEO of a global consulting company Powerful Life Consulting, she has a strong business acumen, big picture vision and has a knack for empowering people into their best performance.

Silvia and her team are people from the trenches who put in a work every day to strengthen their own business while supporting thousands of businesses around the globe.

What’s next?

But at the end of the day, it’s not about us. It’s about you! Running a small business can be a lonely place. We offer to be your guides, advisors and resource for all things small business, to help you scale up and grow faster. We have what you need. All you need is to take a step.

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