Identity Crisis: Who Are You?

I have two girls and both of them are very different. They often ask me which one I love more. The truth is, I love both of them equally – or better yet, uniquely. Their personalities, skills, strengths and weaknesses make them who they are and who they are is completely AMAZING!

They both have their own influence on the rest of our the family and we cannot begin to imagine not having them in our lives. However, the struggle still remains – a struggle to fight for more, a struggle to be like their sister, a struggle to be better, faster, smarter… It takes constant reinforcement to keep them aligned with who they truly are.

Identity Crisis
When I connect with my clients for the first time during our Instant Performance Makeover, they are amazed by how well I know them. After years of struggling to fit in; many of them no longer remember who “ME” is. True identity crisis, right?

Some are frustrated by their results at the beginning. They don’t like them. Or they think the results are wrong. Sometimes it takes a look into their kitchen cupboard or closet to confirm that the results are right, it’s their perception of themselves that’s wrong.

This is not unique to my kids or my clients. This is a world-wide issue. People no longer understand who they are. We become so accustomed to wearing our masks, that we don’t even recognize our own face in the mirror.

We talk about “following” other leaders, but instead we’re trying to become a mini version of them, hoping that we’ll be able to achieve what they have.

Here’s a message for you today…

You Are Enough!

You are unique, awesome, your strengths and skills are needed. You don’t have to be like anybody else out there to make an impact, be successful, or live a happy life.

It’s the other way around… By being true to yourself, you will not only be able to make the biggest impact, but also live the most satisfying life.

Don’t ever settle for less! You are YOU for a reason!!!

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