Fall In Love With Mondays!

How to improve Monday

Starting your week strong on Monday creates a momentum for the rest of the week. If your first day is strong, you’ll be ready to have a strong week. If your first day is weak, you’ll dread all that will follow.

Even though starting afresh on a different day of the week is also an option, I choose to maximize DAY ONE instead.

As a CEO of my company, I start my week with business development tasks. This helps me to create a momentum and results which I’m able to roll over to my meetings, work and communication during the rest of the week.

Here are just couple things on my Monday calendar:

  • Team meetings – to evaluate activities from previous week and map out priorities for the upcoming week
  • Program development – to map out new content, update existing content, pursue new opportunities
  • Business development – marketing research & updates, sales process & customer service improvements
  • Strategic partnerships – evaluate existing partnerships, initiate new ones
  • My focus is on creating opportunities for my business growth and improvement

There are also things I don’t do on Mondays:

  • Client meetings, Q&A Days, free or paid engagements
  • Networking, meetings, speaking, training, or anything else client related
  • Basically, unless you’re on my team, a close family relative, or a top client with pre-scheduled engagement, it’s close to impossible to get a meeting with me on Monday.

One of the biggest problems I see leaders making across all the industries around the globe is having their head down focusing on mindless persuasion of task completion. If you get thrill out of making that checkmark, it’s time for you to wake up. You must be intentional about the tasks you work on.

Take time to evaluate and prioritize your tasks before you waste your energy on them. Most of the tasks on your list (about 80% of them) will have little to do with your success. Learning to work in the 20% zone is the way to go.

I teach you how to make it work on an ongoing basis in my Planning For Success Course. During the month of July you can get it at an unbelievable discount! (see below)

So here’s my question for you today: What SHOULD you be doing on Mondays to have a better week?

When you answer the first question, here’s my second question for you: What should you STOP doing to keep your sanity?

Let me know on social media.

Make today count!

Signature Silvia Pencak

PS: Setting boundaries might seem egoistic when you first start doing it, but at the end, it benefits everyone – you, your team, your clients, even your family.

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