Instant Performance Makeover

Instant Performance Makeover

Close the Gap Between Your Potential and Your Reality in an Instant… Without The Frustration Of Having To Learn More, Work More, or Imitate More!

If you want to reveal your own blind spots, understand top strengths and improve accomplishments while significantly lowering stress and overwhelm, you will benefit greatly from the Instant Performance Makeover which quickly improves your relationships, career, and life!

Dear Leader, Manager, C-Suite Executive, Entrepreneur and anyone who is ready to reach a full potential,

Instant Performance Makeover

In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s increasingly important to play your best game, yet if you’re like most of my clients…

  • You still feel uncertain about what your top strengths are and how to use them in the real world to make your best contribution.
  • You continue to struggle in a few key areas that if you could only overcome, you know your success would skyrocket.
  • You’ve been viewing others’ strengths as more valuable than your own and you’re finally ready to discover, accept and embrace who YOU are.
  • You’re unhappy with your performance yet you can’t quite put your finger on the cause due to receiving contradicting feedback from those around you.
  • You remain dissatisfied with your productivity and it’s time to pinpoint the reason and fix this issue once and for all.

If you answered yes to any of these statements, keep reading as I have good news for you.

If you’re like most of my clients, you took couple assessments to better understand your strengths, weaknesses and areas of improvement. And chances are you even took it a step further to improve your skills and experiences. All of this brought you to where you are at right now. But to move to the next level in your daily life or career, you will need a greater clarity, new insight, or improved strategy.

In fact, on an almost daily basis, I hear people complain about not understanding their core strengths,  living in a state of overwhelm and frustration, which ultimately leads to a large amount of stress. They know the next step in front of them is important and might be able to shift the outcomes they create but they don’t really know how to make that shift happen.

Sadly, most people settle for generic tips and ideas, leading to mediocre results. They don’t understand that the key to outstanding results lies within their reach – in understanding, embracing and maximizing their own talent, strengths and abilities. If you feel a bit confused about how you can use your strengths to impact your bottom line or if your result doesn’t quite fit with who you thought you were; you are not alone.

I desired all the strengths, not just my own…

Silvia 199x300 Kolbe CoachI remember the day when I first took my strengths assessment. I was excited because I heard that the insights would be invaluable and I will be able to move in the right direction faster and more effortlessly. So I did it. As excited as I was, I started to read through the results and ah… the let-down. All I could think was, this is who I am but I also want to be this and that. I even retook the assessment with the hopes of seeing improved results in the areas I scored “lower” in. I desired all the strengths, not just my own and I was committed to overcoming my weaknesses.

What I missed at that time was that focusing on my weaknesses is NOT going to move me to excellence I desired. Quite contrary, it’s going to keep me mediocre. In order to create my BEST results, I need to shift my focus to the areas of my strengths, utilizing my core potential and maximize my top capabilities. And once I made this mindset shift, things changed… dramatically. I began to get more work done while cutting down my work time, my relationships improved, I enjoyed my work even more and my results increased significantly.

You see, Instant Performance Makeover shows you who YOU are based on your natural strengths, talents and instincts. It shows you how and when you perform at your best and create your greatest results.

And like I did, once you finally acknowledge, accept and embrace who you are and start doing things YOUR way, your results will INSTANTLY improve. And this is precisely what I’ve been able to help my clients do and I’d love to do for you too… use your own strengths to significantly improve results in your life and work.

I help you acknowledge, understand, embrace and USE your core gifts to walk in your purpose and create the life you want to live!

Imagine… what it will feel like when you double or even triple your productivity without feeling stressed or overwhelmed

Imagine… knowing exactly which activities bring you energy and which ones drain you so you’ll know precisely how to plan, what to delegate and what to keep so you can maximize performance and get more done.

Imagine… having a sense of achievement at the end of each day instead of wishing you were able to work more like someone else or had accomplished as much as they did.

With Instant Performance Makeover, it is possible.

It’s time you LEVERAGE your natural talents and ability!

Instant Performance Makeover

With Instant Performance Makeover, you will:

  • Clarify your brilliance and discover how you can take full advantage of your natural talents and gifting to maximize your efforts
  • Get unstuck and get going in the right direction to accomplish more in less time
  • Be able to quickly get in the zone, operating in the flow saving you time, effort and money
  • Improve communication and become easier to work with and easier to work for increasing everyone’s productivity
  • Begin capitalizing on your natural advantage to enhance your creativity and attain peak performance

I have the unique tools, training and expertise to help you do just that. Just check out what my clients are saying about this life changing experience.

Instant Performance Makeover helped me start moving in the right direction

It’s amazing that something you get really tired of dealing with in yourself, when looked at from a different viewpoint, can be your greatest strength! Silvia did a great job of helping me understand how my Conative qualities (some of those things that drove me nuts about the way I do things!) can save me time and frustration in my life and my business. Also, she gave me some very useful consulting on how exactly I can leverage my natural abilities to make more money in my business. I highly recommend Instant Performance Makeover with Silvia to anyone who feels stuck. She will give you just the perspective you need to get moving!

Leslie Brenan

Silvia’s insights made a huge difference!

I received my Kolbe A™ Index results before meeting Silvia, and I thought I had a good understanding of what it meant after reading and interpreting my Kolbe results on my own. I found the results interesting but I didn’t feel like I gained any real insight. Silvia told me about her becoming Kolbe Certified Consultant, and she was so excited about it. Her enthusiasm made me think that I must have missed something…if she was this excited, there must be more to the Kolbe Index than I realized! So I agreed to meet with her and have her review my results. WOW! I am SO glad I decided to see what had her so excited… because now I know! She was able to help me understand why I was struggling in a few areas and, using my Kolbe results, she helped me know how I can handle those situations successfully in the future. Silvia helped me understand the results better, but more importantly, she helped me apply them to my daily personal and professional life. I enjoyed this experience so much that I am going to work through a different Kolbe assessment with Silvia!

Melissa Gaines

Recognize Your Value & Start Using Your Strengths Today!

Stop wasting your time fighting against yourself, sabotaging your own achievements.

You won’t grow into being your authentic self without accepting and utilizing your own gifting. It’s crucial that you recognize the value of your own strengths and talents.

Using your strengths will help you:

  • Increase your productivity – taking action in a way that comes natural for you will allow you to work faster, getting more done in less time.
  • Stop engaging in activities that drain your energy allowing you to be freed up to capitalize on your gifts and abilities.
  • Decrease the stress and overwhelm – by doing what works for you, you’ll be able to work with more ease, lower stress levels and less overwhelm.
  • Become a more authentic you – by not attempting to take action like you’ve been taught or how you think you should will allow you to be true to you.
  • Stop viewing other people’s talents as more valuable than your own so you can experience the joy of being FREE to do you.

Your Instant Performance Makeover Includes:

Kolbe Coach

One (1) Core StrengthsTM Assessment – This is an in-depth assessment of your core strengths, current scenario and desired outcomes. At the end of this stage we will provide you with a personalized video sharing with you necessary insights to help you better understand your strengths, unlock your highest effectiveness and creativity to maximize your results. This step alone is proven to instantly improve your productivity and performance, but we will not stop here.

Kolbe Coach

The R.E.A.L. YOU eCourse – This is our 21-part implementation program designed to help you move beyond mere understanding of your unique strengths, to maximizing their power in your daily life. In this training I personally navigate you step-by-step through the ins and outs of peak performance as it relates to your career or business. This bonus hugely outweighs investment in this whole program. Follow along, implement, change your habits and you WILL gain more clarity around your unique gifting and experience the transformation in the results you create.

Kolbe Coach

Two (2) Private Consultation Sessions with Silvia – These are the virtual sessions with Silvia where we will review core strategies to help you implement your goals while tapping into your strengths, talent and capabilities. Further, we will address any questions and concerns you might have, further explore your strengths and help you create a plan to help you achieve more in your career, work, relationships and life. First consultation focuses on strategy development, second is a follow up session helping you to tie the loose ends and answer any remaining questions. After these two consultations you will know how to intentionally use your core strengths to create better results while significantly lowering the level of stress in your life.

Peak PerformanceSo if you're ready to...

  • improve your work performance with less effort and more efficiency
  • increase your productivity and resistance to stress
  • launch or revive a rewarding career or business all while increasing your profits
  • be able to quickly get in your zone working within a flow and with ease; decreasing overwhelm
  • improve communication, enriching your personal and professional relationships
  • enhance your creativity and maximize your opportunities

Your investment is only $750
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Consultation with Silvia provided me the insights I needed to move my business to the next level

Silvia is a thorough and very knowledgeable Kolbe Certified Consultant. The insight she provided during our consultation session was of great value. This is truly a springboard to a deeper understanding of my key strengths and the value that I provide to my clients.

Stephanie Treasure
Stephanie Treasure

Yes, Silvia, I’m ready to turn my next goal into reality, improve my efficiency and effectiveness while experiencing more happiness and freedom.

When I claim my Instant Performance Makeover, I receive:

  • One (1) Core StrengthsTM Assessment
  • The R.E.A.L. YOU eCourse
  • Two (2) Private Consultation Sessions with Silvia Pencak

EZ Single Payment of $750

Buy Now Button Kolbe Coach

You have nothing to lose!

Guarantee 001 Kolbe Coach

I look forward to helping you be the best YOU and improve your results!

Signature 1 300x166 Kolbe Coach

Who is Silvia Pencak

P.S. Remember, it takes more than knowing your strengths to increase effectiveness in your career and life; you also have to strategically target your use of them to maximize your performance. Isn’t it time you stop experiencing the frustration of functioning outside of your natural instincts? Learn how you can achieve peak performance on a regular basis. Claim your Instant Performance Makeover today!

Don't take my word for it, check out what others are saying about Kolbe, my work and their overall experience with me.

Thank you for all you do Silvia. You are a great leader. I must say that thanks to you and your support, I’m on my own road to success now. Working with you gave me the much needed boost and I have to admit, it made me believe in myself, so now I can lead the life and business I want. Thank you for your support, resources and encouragement. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Thanks so much for reminding me about my unique strengths. Your diligence in your plan is something I admire, but if I tried to work like you I would pass out. hehe! It’s great to understand MY best way of running my business. I am now very aware of how I work and how to create my best results. I’m also more aware of how people are and trying to figure out what they need. I move on quickly. It is great. My whole mindset on things has turned a corner and I’m starting to see more sales. Thanks so much for all your help.

I’m blown away… at first I didn’t think the Kolbe could really be that insightful but not only was it helpful, but I’ve seen how badly I beat myself up for being something I’m not instead of embracing my true strengths… even when I got the strengths presented to me. I still managed to look at it in terms of what I’m not. I love how God uses things to help us bring light to what is in darkness and shapes us into the person we were created to be. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Silvia!!!


Thank you for the video, Silvia. That helped a lot. Now I am going to use my Kolbe strengths – specify, adapt, modify and restore – to describe to my clients what I have to offer them.

Jane H.S.

WOW! Thank you so much Silvia! I really appreciate your thorough answers, it’s like you KNOW me? I resisted taking the Kolbe assessment last year when I found out about it, but it has done nothing but grow me in the right direction in a short time and your answers just helped me grow even more. I feel like I’ve already gotten my money worth just from talking to you, everything else is all a bonus for me.


Silvia Pencak your video has been SO helpful! I’ve watched 4 times & taken notes as ideas come to me on how to interpret and use my strengths. Thank you!


Thank you Silvia! Having my Kolbe result was enlightening & freeing and you just helped to illuminate it more.


Hi Silvia! I am very blessed to have you give me a deeper understanding as to how to read the Kolbe A results. Thank you!


I just watched video and it was great! Thank you so much! It has me thinking though… LOL! Thank you Silvia!

Olivia M.C.


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