Instincts: Your Key To Success

Instincts and success

We live in society that values education. Every year students spend more and more money, time and energy on getting a good education hoping it will get them a better job and make them more money later in life. We believe that education is the path to riches. Recruiters look for people who are the right fit for a job, who have the education and/or experience for a certain position.

Yes, but…

A lot of people realize that there’s more to success than just knowing how to do the job. We hear a lot about personality, motivation, integrity. Suddenly we realize that sometimes we might KNOW how to do the work or tackle a specific project, but do we WANT to do it?

Now, let me take this a step further…

Have you ever been in a situation where you knew HOW to do something, you even WANTED to do it (for whatever reason), but somehow you couldn’t actually get it done? I know I’ve been there.

There can be many reasons. Let me give you a couple of examples…

  • procrastination – you might lack the vision, goals and plan and get distracted along the way by doing something else instead of doing what you originally wanted
  • lack of integrity – even though you wanted to do it, your integrity might be out of place and you might feel more obligated towards spending time with your family or friends than a specific task
  • restrictions – somebody or something didn’t allow you to use your skills and knowledge to do what’s necessary to get the job done

Today I want to take you beyond these well-known reasons and show you one key element that might be playing the lead role here. It’s our INSTINCTS.

When I talk about instincts, I’m talking about who we are in our core. How we take action and create. It’s our innate talent, our natural strengths.

Whenever you have a task in front of you, your instincts kick in and pull you in a certain direction. Whether you know it or not, they lead the way. They are the reason why some people jump into multiple projects at the same time, while others can’t make a decision without having adequate facts. Instincts are the reason why some people enjoy conferences and meetings, while others think they are a waste of time and prefer to build or create tangible things.

You might not know this about yourself, but you too have instincts that make you take action in a certain way. Therefore instincts and success (the results you create) are connected.

But if you have spent enough time around people who are different than you, you may feel like the way you’re taking action is wrong. You may have begun to push yourself to do things differently, while creating more and more stress in your life. Now you may be at a point where you no longer know who you are, but you know there’s a lot of stress in your life. Your instincts keep telling you to do something one way, but you’re forcing your learned behaviour instead. You’re in a war with yourself.

It’s interesting to see that the most successful people on our planet are not necessarily well educated. They might not even have great personalities. But all of them have one thing in common: they did it in their own unique way. They didn’t try to be like everybody else out there. They didn’t try to find the “right way” of doing things. They chose to take what they were good at, and follow their dreams, while staying true to themselves.

Let me ask you a couple of questions…

  • Do you really understand your instincts, the innate force that drives your actions?
  • Is what you’re currently doing aligned with who you are, your talents and strengths?
  • Do you truly enjoy what you’re doing or do you experience stress when working towards your goals?

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