Top 3 Leadership Lessons from the US Immigration Order

Leadership Lessons

It’s been a very exhausting weekend. I spent some time watching the news, reading countless commentaries on social media and Internet re. the recent pause on immigration in the USA. Don’t worry, I’m not going to get political here. My intention is not to take sides or resolve this issue. I don’t know enough about politics to share my insights with you.

What I’m fascinated about are the leadership lessons I’m seeing while watching the situation around the US immigration  order. I’ve been seeing the Law of the Buy-In in works during past couple days. You can clearly see people taking sides based on whether they believe in the leader and/or his vision. You can read the details in the post above, but the main key is that in order to lead people through change, you need to become a leader they believe in.

Yes, you read it right. It’s not as much about the vision. People will buy into your vision IF they believe in you and your ability as a leader. There’s not much I can do about what’s happening with immigration in the US, but I can help you become a better leader and improve your buy-in with your prospects, clients, team, and stakeholders. Today I want to share with you my top 3 tips to help you start improving your buy-in with those around you.

1. Stay focused on THEM

Mary Kay Ash, a founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics famously said, “Everyone has an invisible sign around their neck saying ‘Make me feel important.’ Never forget this message when working with people.” Truth to be told, people only care about the company, team or results, if they have impact on them. Show people the benefit of finishing this project on time, staying within the budget or making unpleasant changes and they will support you and give you their best. Force them to do something just because you’re their boss and have the power to do so and you will receive resistance and mediocre results.

2. Try to see things from THEIR PERSPECTIVE

There’s a LOT of judgement and condemnation on social media (and mainstream media) these days about what’s happening. What I see little of is understanding. Yes, people might be wrong. But they don’t think so. The key to overcoming the conflict is trying you put yourself into the other person’s shoes. Asking “How would I feel, how would I react if I were in his shoes?” will help you see things from different perspective and minimize the irritation.

3. Build a COALITION

Doing it alone might make you feel like a superhero, but keep in mind that teams always outperform individual. Team generates results more quickly and on a larger scale as more people contribute their energy and resources. Mobilize your allies, persuade your blockers to stop blocking off the solution, and show those on the fence why they should care about your idea. You can reach out to experts, tap into your networks and expand the pool of people who might advocate for your idea or lend their expertise. Just remember to surround yourself with wise advisors and give them authority to speak up when they see a problem. It will prevent you from many disasters.

These are the universal laws that can be applied to ANY scenario – whether you’re negotiating change inside your organization, pursuing clients to buy from you or looking to expand into a new market. I challenge you to stop waiting for others to “get” this law and choose to step up your own game as a  leader.

In what area of your work or life do you need to increase the buy-in? What ONE thing can you do this week to improve your results? Let me know on social media. I can’t wait to hear back from you!

One more comment for all my friends in the US. This is a great time to start thinking about creative ways to bring peace and healing to your country. It’s a great time to gather your leadership skills and experience, step up your game (put aside your own preferences) and invest into the lives of others around you. When times are tough, people need great leadership. Stop waiting for others to make a difference. You might be the solution you’ve been hoping for. #hint

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