FREE Leadership Training For GTA Companies

PLC, an Oakville based consulting company is supporting growth and innovation by providing free leadership training for GTA based companies this December 2016. Silvia Pencak, certified John Maxwell Trainer, Speaker, and CEO of PLC is spearheading this initiative, intending for it to become an annual event.

Pencak has delivered over 500 workshops and events around the globe over the past 15 years. “Our community depends, at its core, on its leaders,” explains Silvia. “Helping to develop strong leadership skills is vital for the health of the companies and ultimately entire community. We operate, ultimately, as a whole. The more successful, thriving teams there are in the GTA area, the more innovative and competitive the businesses will be, which will ultimately affect the whole community. At the end of the day, the leadership training we provide benefits us all.”

The John Maxwell Group of Companies including The John Maxwell Team, John Maxwell Company and Equip has a long and successful history, training more than 5 million leaders in 174 countries, and working with organizations such as the United States Military Academy at West Point, the National Football League, and the United Nations. Maxwell’s The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership has sold more than 2 million copies and is used by business leaders across the globe.

Free Better Leadership Training in GTA Details

“Sessions are 100% free for GTA based businesses with 6-10 team members and can be scheduled at,” explains Pencak. “The training averages between 45-60 minutes and is packed with highly usable information in a fun learning environment. Our goal is to have each team member leave with at least one mind challenging idea that will spark a desire for self-improvement and increased productivity within your organization. While many individuals feel that leadership is just a gift that some have and some don’t, we define leadership, provide purposeful ways to grow and improve leadership skills, and begin to cultivate a mentality primed for improvement and growth. Once exposed to our training, ideas are unlocked and old, unproductive habits can be left behind. I’m extremely excited for this coming year. I expect to see tremendous growth and improvements in GTA companies over the next few years.”

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