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It’s Monday and I love Mondays! The beginning of a new week is always an opportunity to start fresh and I challenge myself to get as much done as possible to create more space during the week to read, learn or just be with my family. I take weekends off to refresh, re-energize, so Mondays are usually full of focus and energy.

I haven’t always been like this though. Not so long ago I used to work 7 days a week, hoping to get more done and get ahead on my projects. The result was different than what I was expecting. I was exhausted, overwhelmed, lost in the task lists and the ever growing pile of work. Even worse, my family hated my business and my husband suggested he pay me to NOT be in business.

I had the passion, I had the determination, I had a profitable business, but I was losing my life… and my family. I had couple wake up calls along the way, which I believe were God’s voice speaking into my life and guiding me in the right direction. I’m truly grateful that I listened.

My life is very different from the one I lived just 2 years ago. My priorities are right, my marriage is stronger than ever and my family stands together. I’m guarding my time, using my strengths and energy well. Plus, I’m learning on a daily basis how to do even better.

You might not be an overachiever like me. Maybe you’ve given your power to others, and you no longer see how you can rise up and make something out of your life. Whatever the circumstances, if you feel like you’re not in charge of your life, keep reading, this is for YOU.

I walked the walk and I know it’s worth the effort. I decided to share with you the exact same principles I’ve discovered along the way that can help you create a life you LOVE and bring power back to you. What took me years to learn and implement, can take you much less as you will know exactly what to look for.

I’m sharing all this information in my upcoming Powerful Life Bootcamp. It starts in 2 weeks and I would hate for you to miss it as there are only 6 spots left! If you’re ready to live a better life, improve your results, without compromising your personal and family life, you need to join me. For 4 weeks we’ll be focusing on what’s important so that you can live authentic life, use your talent well and fulfill your purpose.

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I can’t wait to guide you through your life transformation.


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PS: You CAN live a better life and create better results! Join me as I guide you through the process of re-claiming your power! 

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