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Money Mastery Summit

Elena Forbes is a successful entrepreneur I had an honor to partner up with on multiple occasions. This time she invited me to participate in the 2015 Money Mastery For Entrepreneurs Telesummit.

If you know me well, you’ll agree that I am not a financial expert. Yet, the angle she asked me to cover is very different from what you can read in most of the books on finances. In my interview I’ll be discussing my core competency, which is unique strengths and the role they play when it comes to creating your BEST results. Join me as I share why strategies others use when it comes to finances never worked for you and how you can change it and turn your losses to the profits simply by paying attention to who you are and how you create your best results.

And of course, in addition to my interview, you’ll have access to other experts on this topic.

Money Mastery For Entrepreneurs is a 21-day expert interview and discussion event where expert entrepreneurs will share their best tips, techniques, and strategies they use to…

  • Start each and every day focused and end each day accomplished instead of defeated
  • Make sound financial decisions and plan for passive income
  • Launch offers, increase conversions, and maximize profit from offers
  • Pay off debts and secure financing for new projects
  • And make more money in less time

And because I am participating in this discussion, I can invite you to attend for FREE!

Claim your seat at Money Mastery Summit NOW!

Are you ready to change your financial situation, get your debt under control, boost your profits and finally live the life of your dreams

If this is you, hurry up and claim your seat at this incredible event to learn from 21 experts on this topic.

I’ll be looking forward to see you there!

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