Multiculturalism – A Curse Or a Blessing?


We were all created different, unique and beautiful. We live in different countries, different cultures, yet our differences can be a major benefit when we learn to value each other.

No matter where in the world you are, you have strengths and weaknesses and so do people around you. And so do people in other countries and continents.

I challenge you today to look at people around you in different light. Look at them not in judgement, but with understanding. Not with condemnation, but with confidence. Trust that there’s beauty in variety and we all are more similar than different.

Watch this video from my mentor John Maxwell, as he shares his thoughts on multiculturalism. And if you look closely, yes, it’s me just left of him (ok, right from your perspective).

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Question: What is your experience with multiculturalism? Was it a blessing or a curse?

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