New beginnings…

Silvia Pencak

What a journey it’s been… Over the past 6+ years I was fortunate to work with hundreds of Canadian women-owned businesses and amazing leaders in Canada and the U.S.

Along the way I met wonderful individuals doing great work across many industries. To you I say – “Thank you for your hard work and perseverance. You are making a difference!

To my team and volunteers – “I am grateful for you, your talents and support. You made it all possible!

As they say, change is inevitable. After leaving the nonprofit world, I took a month off to rest, refocus, read books, get inspired, learn, grow, and swim (yes, you can swim in Canada in May - sometimes). As I refilled my cup, I am ready to help again.

This summer I will focus on rebuilding my business and while doing so I will support those who want to build a better future for themselves through entrepreneurship. I’ve been here before. I've built businesses, and I am doing it again. I might as well take you on the journey with me.

If you are a business owner eager to grow your business to 6 or 7 figures or are considering an entrepreneurial journey, sign up below to join me at my upcoming free webinar where I will share more details with you about how you can get access to insights from my journey as a semi-new business owner and ever-evolving leader, lessons learned, tips and recommendations.

If you know someone who is not happy where they are at or looking for more in life, feel free to send them my way.

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