Powerful Results: The Power of Instincts

Thousands of decision makers agree that their greatest victories came when they trusted their guts. Yet, most of the people out there do not understand how to use the power of their instincts.

Instincts are generally understood as an innate part of our behavior that emerges without any training or education. Instincts are inborn and for the most part, irresistible …you act on them naturally, with little effort.

We live in a society that not only doesn’t understand instincts and their power when it comes to productivity and performance, but most of the time pushes against this internal decision-making capacity and forces us into defined procedures. You will meet teachers, coaches, consultants, and trainers who promote and expect only one way of taking action – their way is viewed as the right way. Everything outside of this structure is dangerous, unacceptable, or even harmful.

It is no wonder that we find ourselves in a culture where most of the population no longer thinks with their common sense.

The question is… can we turn our backs on our instinctive strengths and not expect negative outcomes?

More than ever I’m meeting individuals that have the right strengths to get the job done, but fail in the application of those strengths. Here are the most common mistakes:

  • Not understanding your own instincts …Basically, you have no idea what your strengths are. Chances are that you are working against yourself and without even realizing it. You’re pouring your energy into non-productive activities. This could be fun, but in reality, this causes you to experience unnecessary stress and become overwhelmed.
  • Acting against your own instincts …Knowing about your natural strengths doesn’t necessarily mean that you are acting in alignment with them and taking advantage of their power. On a daily basis I meet individuals and teams, that for whatever reason, continue to work against their instincts, exhausting their time and energy without getting any desired results.
  • Exhausting your own energy …Just like a computer needs to be unplugged from time to time, you need some time off too. Working long hours without a break will exhaust your energy. Just like understanding and using your strengths well, rest is an important part of producing high performance. Highly productive people have the same amount of energy as everyone else, they just use it better than others. They also understand the importance of rest.

Impact AcademyUnderstanding, using and re-energizing your instincts helps you create powerful results, contribute your best, and improve the quality of your life. If you choose to dig deeper into your instinctive reservoir, 2015 could be your best year yet. I’ve designed a group mentoring program called, Impact Academy where I will help my clients move from their current situation to the next level. Here are some of the results you can expect…

  • find an extra hour in your day
  • get 20-50% more done
  • dramatically reduce your stress level
  • increase your creativity and improve the results you deliver
  • finally get significantly closer to fulfilling your vision and purpose
  • and much more

Are you ready to create powerful results while living a much more fulfilling life?

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