How To Set Goals That You Actually Accomplish

How to accomplish goals faster

We all are guilty of it. Some in bigger scale than others, but we all do it. We set goals just to find out that somewhere along the way we slipped off the road and missed the goal.

What is the secret sauce of goal setting?

Join me as I look behind goal setting and show you how to accomplish more goals faster.

1. Set SMART goals

First reason why people don't achieve their goals is because they don't follow the SMART principle. SMART stands for...

  • Specific - identify exactly what you're trying to accomplish, e.g. instead of aiming to lose weight, how about eat 5 meals a day
  • Measurable - add a number to your goal, e.g. instead of saying that you want to get more clients, how about you connect with 5 potential clients each day
  • Actionable - use an action verb to describe your goal, e.g. be more involved with family >> spend 1 hour of uninterrupted time with my children and spouse every day
  • Realistic - set your goals that are outside of your comfort zone, but not so far that you set yourself up for failure, e.g. become the #1 channel on YouTube (unrealistic) >> shoot 1 training video every week to grow my audience
  • Time bound - attach a deadline to your goal, e.g. improve my people skills >> how about read 3 books about communication and people skills by May 31st, 2015

2. Attach a WHY to your goal

The second reason why people don't achieve their goals is that they don't have a reason why. Your goals MUST be meaningful to you in order for you to make them happen. When working on goal setting with my private clients, I advise them to define the consequences. What will happen if you don't achieve this goal? What will happen if you do?

If your goal isn't meaningful to you, forget it and find another one.

Life is too short to waste it achieving goals that don't matter to you. Share on X

Beware of focusing on others' expectations on your life. Many times we set the wrong goals - goals that others expect us to achieve. I challenge you to stop pleasing others around you and start focusing on your own needs and wants. Create a powerful life, a life you will be proud of!

3. Cut through the clutter

Another mistake people make when setting goals is that they set too many. Don't overwhelm yourself with all the things you want to achieve all at once. Prioritize them and focus on the most important and meaningful goals. Goals that will move you forward in the right direction.

Learn to prioritize and choose to focus on the most important goals and you will avoid stress, and get more done in less time.

A personal example...

Let me give you a personal example to show you how the above principles work in real life. Back in 2014 one of my 'dreams' was to get back on track with healthy habits. While it was a dream, there was no action on my part. After all, my love for chocolate was way bigger than my love for a healthy lifestyle 😉

In May I heard about the consequences of continuing on this downward route I was on. Even though I wasn't sick (yet), I was headed in that direction. To create different results I had to change my focus.

My first goal was to get medically tested by the end of June.

My next goal was to adjust my diet to get my body back on track. Out went gluten, sugar, and other parts of my not-so-healthy diet.

My lifestyle was next.

Then supplements.

Then exercise.

Can you see the progress? I didn't do it all at once to avoid overwhelm. I did it ONE step at a time, I set S.M.A.R.T. goals and took action.

My end result was that I lost 35 pounds, created a healthier lifestyle and established good daily habits. I now have more energy, less stress, less sickness, and what's more, I enjoy my life and family more.

How about you?

If I could do it, you can too! Whether your goal is connected to health, personal growth, wealth or better relationships, you CAN achieve what you set your mind to.

There are most likely couple things you need to put in place to make it happen, but I'll show you a great resource to help you.

What exactly you need to achieve your goals and where to ...

  • You need to know WHAT to do. Basically, it's written above, so you're safe here.
  • Next, you need to know HOW to do it. It's hard to implement if you don't know how to get it done. There are two ways how to do it. You can either take time and figure it out on your own or you can choose to take a shortcut by learning from someone who's already walked the walk.  I share my personal strategies, tools and resources in my Impact Academy (iAcademy), designed to help you focus on what matters, take decisive action and create your BEST results. With a monthly topic and weekly action steps to guide you through the implementation process, your life will move forward without a hassle.
  • Next, you need SUPPORT to help you keep on going and get unstuck when things happen. This is why my Impact Academy (iAcademy) is designed with support systems in place. From private Q&A calls to a private Facebook community, we've got you covered.

To your success,

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