Social Media Checklist

Social Media Checklists

Your Ultimate Shortcut To Social Media ROI

CheckmarkAre you frustrated with the number of lost sale opportunities due to inconsistent or weak social media presence?

CheckmarkDo you wish you could spot and avoid mistakes you keep making due to lack of knowledge and experience?

CheckmarkAre you ready to get more out of your social media presence – without adding extra time and energy to it?

You don’t have to keep feeling overwhelmed by social media, constantly losing opportunities and sales!

I put together 6 core checklists that will simplify social media once and for all for you and will become your ultimate resource to help you maximize your online presence, get in front of the right people and make more money online.

Why I Created Social Media Checklists

Silvia PencakFor years, entrepreneurs and startups have been asking me how I run my social media platforms while still running my business, traveling, managing my family and marriage, volunteering and doing loads of other things that come my way.

The truth is, I don’t do it perfectly (far from it!), but being an early implementer and someone who embraces change, I always find my way around latest trends as I quickly cut through the fluff  and bright shiny objects to the core of what makes the biggest impact.

Even though I strongly believe in power and importance of long-term training programs and on-going memberships, sometimes you just need a simple checklist that guides you in the right direction.

Over the years I compiled lists of key strategies for social media platforms which I use it for my business on a daily basis. They’ve been hugely beneficial for my own business and today I’d like to share them with you.

Why You Need Social Media Checklists

This is your ultimate shortcut to your social media success. These down to earth tips and strategies will help you remove the clutter and stay focused on the right platform, right activities and right improvements.

What To Expect…

This is a compilation of 6 social media checklists – 1 full of tips and ideas how to maximize your online presence and 5 platform specific checklists, each with information on how to maximize the profile, create your winning strategy and boost engagement. Best of all, these resources are delivered into your inbox instantly after the purchase, allowing you to improve your social media results TODAY.

What You Get…

  • Key Social Media Strategies List …design and implement a winning social media strategy for your business
  • Facebook Checklist …your ultimate guide to setting up your Facebook page for success
  • LinkedIn Checklist …the do’s and don’ts of LinkedIn marketing for business
  • Twitter Checklist …stop resisting this powerful tool and use it to build strong relationships and boost your income
  • Pinterest Checklist …if your audience is on Pinterest, this checklist will help you build your presence quickly and on the budget
  • Instagram Checklist …hidden secrets of Instagram marketing
  • Bonus: List of Social Media Resources – to simplify your social media management and speed up the implementation process

Social Media Checklists

Who Is This For…

  • Someone serious about improving online presence for your business …no matter what type of business you’re in, these strategies will apply!
  • Someone who wants a simple actionable checklist to cut through the clutter of information and resources …no unnecessary details, just simple actionable items.
  • Someone who understands the value in shortcuts and actionable blueprints …spot the discrepancies in your platform set up and engagement strategy to instantly boost your results.
  • Someone who is willing and ready to invest in business improvement …you won’t have to break the bank, but there is a price to be paid.

Who is this not for…

  • Someone who thinks there’s nothing to improve…
  • Someone who hates work and looks for magic bullet…
  • Some who feels entitled to getting results of others’ effort for free…

Are You Ready?

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Still Not Sure If This Resource Is For You?

Some of you might be wondering. “Is this just another resource that will leave me disappointed? Will you ask me to add more into my already busy day?”

Well, it depends. This checklist is designed to simplify social media for you. There’s no attached program or training that you need to listen to. Just key resources to keep you focused, on track and move you into action.

It’s a checklist and chances are that you will be able to check off some of the items instantly …especially if you have already invested some time and energy into social media. But I guarantee that there will be some out-of-the-box tips that will challenge you and help you take your business online presence to the next level.

It might be just what you need to improve your results, but you won’t know until you implement it.

I can’t wait to hear YOUR success story!

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