Story In Business: Story Matters!

Story in BusinessI’ve always loved stories.

My friends had their favorite styles of movies and books, but I didn’t care that much about the author or type or style. I still like it all – action, romance, comedy, western, just like I dislike all of the above without a great story.

Music isn’t an exception. I like all kinds of music – country, rap, rock, gospel, alternative, style is not what matters to me. Message of the song is what makes a difference.

It isn’t different with people. When you meet people, you don’t feel a connection. You might even not care if you have enough of your own problems or friends. But once you connect with their story, the game changes, doesn’t it?

Your business, organization or project aren’t any different. People couldn’t care less about you or your plan …unless your story inspires them to care.

So what IS your story? Why should people care to do business with you? What makes you different from others out there? What makes your product or service so special that they should pay attention?

Share your story, your passion and your vision with your clients, team or family and see your business, idea or project bloom.

Question: So what is your story? Why do you do what you do? What makes you keep going? Why do you think this idea or project is worth of your time and will succeed?

Inspire someone today...

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