Secrets To Managing Team Diversity

Managing Team Diversity

With so much talk about diversity in the workplace, it’s a shame that the statistics are still not improving! I’m furious to read the following: About 47% of companies had no women directors and 43% had no women executive officers in Canada in 2016. (Diversity Disclosure Practices 2016 Report by Osler) There is no change…

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Fall In Love With Mondays!

How to improve Monday

Starting your week strong on Monday creates a momentum for the rest of the week. If your first day is strong, you’ll be ready to have a strong week. If your first day is weak, you’ll dread all that will follow. Even though starting afresh on a different day of the week is also an…

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Why Your Business Needs Checklists

Why Create Business Checklist

My team, our clients and even many who know me personally know about my obsession with checklists. My personal rule is… If you do anything more than once, make a checklist for it. Why? There are many reasons. Let me share just a couple of them to help you join the club and create business checklists. 1.…

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Why To Use Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping

When you’re dealing with a complex problem, mapping out a new training or program or drafting your business strategy, chances are that you go through a lot of paper and sticky notes. If you’re a Counter Active Implementor like myself, chances are that sticky notes, flip chart or paper just don’t cut it for you…

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The Power Within: 5 Steps To Overcome Any Setback

5 Steps To Overcome Setbacks

Canada is considered one of the most diverse countries around the globe. Since 1991 Canada welcomed over 250,000 immigrants (this number is supposed to increase to over 300,000 in 2016). That’s 684 per day, 288 per hour. Back in 2006 our family of 3 was thankful for this opportunity as we left everything behind and…

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Black Friday Special Offer

Black Friday Special Business

It’s that time of the year again when all our clients in the US meet with their families and celebrate Thanksgiving together. To make this time even special for you, we decided to put together a super special offer to make you even more thankful. And to get the rest of the world on board,…

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