4 Proven Strategies To Succeed In Turbulent Times

Succeed in turbulent times

How’s business? Are you flying up high in the clouds or are you hustling to shift things around for you? No matter where you are today, we all face uncertainty and disruption at one point or another. This is exactly where a lot of businesses in Ontario are these days. With all the changes at…

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The #1 Key To Making Change Work

Key to making change work

One of my clients recently asked me about the key to a successful change management. This seemingly simple question made me think and I decided to share my response in the article to help more than just one person. After having a privilege to be part of some incredible change initiatives around the globe I…

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How To Lead Through People Challenges

People challenges at workplace

Leadership would be easy if we didn’t have to lead people… just ask any leader! Yes, even after 20+ years of leading people, projects, meetings and new initiatives I still think that leading people is tougher than anything else. It’s actually so bad that even educators say that… Most of the problems that we face…

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Don’t Let Labels Define You

Business diversity inclusion

Couple years ago Pantene came up with outrageous ad. It was shocking because it was… well, true (just see for yourself). Men and women are viewed differently. Actually, we all can be viewed differently (talking about true diversity). Depending on a situation, women can be preferred or rejected. Men can be pushed up or down.…

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The Business Case For Change Management

Business case change

I love change and enjoy being part of its implementation process. It’s always fascinating to watch the transformation and improvements to unfold in front of my eyes. One thing that shocks me in this area are the statistics on change and innovation. Did you know that just about 20 years ago the first statistics on…

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