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VIP Coaching Day

I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to work with entrepreneurs, companies and non-profits around the globe, helping them navigate through the challenges of the virtual and real world, while creating winning results. I LOVE my clients and it’s such a joy to see them move to the next level in their finances, relationships, performance, and even…

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High Performance Solutions

High Performance Solutions

Change Your Results

The few who do are the envy of the many who only watch.
Jim Rohn

One of the main problems in our society is that we’re pushed to perform in the areas in which we aren’t naturally strong. We worry about our families, finances or status, therefore we say ‘yes’ to tasks, jobs or positions that aren’t the right fit. We keep hunting for brighter future, not realizing that in reality we’re just running in circles.
Stress is the pandemic of 21st century. It lowers performance, weakens body and spirit, even shortens lives.
On a daily basis Silvia helps people who want to increase their performance, boost their productivity and reclaim power over their lives without adding unnecessary stress component. She not only understands the complexity of situation but has experienced it herself. For years she was pushing hard to finish just one more project, make more money and build a sustainable career. Until she realized that there’s always going to be another project to finish, more money to make and yet another obstacle to sustainability. KolbeTM helped Silvia to pin point the real problem and has allowed her to lower the stress level while boosting her results.
Watch this short video explaining exactly what KolbeTM System is, what it isn’t and what it can do for you!
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Understanding Kolbe

How to understand Kolbe

I remember the day when I first took the Kolbe ATM Index. I was excited because my coach told me that the insights would be invaluable and that I’d never be the same person again. So I did it. As excited as I was, I started to read through my results and …darn! I could…

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Is Spending Money on Coaching a Smart Investment?

Do I need a coach

I still remember that day. I was sick to my stomach because I decided to hire a coach and pay her $1,000 to help me grow my business. I’d never spent that much money on business growth. Shopping cart – absolutely! Flight tickets also made sense. But do I need a coach? All the fears…

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