How To Build Strong Organizational Structure

Build strong organizational structure

Organizations we work with here at Powerful Life Consulting (PLC) are scattered around the globe, providing wide array of products and services, yet they face similar challenges – people challenges. In order to build strong organizational structure or company, you MUST focus on people. Focusing on product or processes will only work if you have…

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Top 7 Leadership Tips For Small Business Owners

Small business leader

Some entrepreneurs are surprised when I mention that the success of their company lies in their own leadership strengths. Many times they are so focused on improving their business, financial, sales and other skills that they completely forget that people buy from those they know, like and trust. They miss that the #1 reason why…

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The #1 Key To Making Change Work

Key to making change work

One of my clients recently asked me about the key to a successful change management. This seemingly simple question made me think and I decided to share my response in the article to help more than just one person. After having a privilege to be part of some incredible change initiatives around the globe I…

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Your Guide To Resolving Top Team Challenges

Leading a team isn’t an easy task. You may have a group of hard-working individuals who are great at achieving results, but helping them click together, communicate effectively and partner up on projects is a very different story. As a leader, it’s your responsibility to help your team overcome these top team challenges and become…

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Ultimate Hacks To Power Up Your Meetings

Power Up Meetings

  Meetings continue to be one of the top time wasters for teams across the industries and continents. This is why I decided to share with you my top tips to help you power up meetings to get your team more engaged and ultimately more productive. But first, let’s look at what’s happening in today’s…

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Video: Team Work Gone Wrong

Team Work Fail

Building a team is not an easy task. A group of individuals, each with his/her own dreams and aspirations can be challenging to bring together to pursue goals and results they might not care about. Here are some of our favorite videos to share with your team as you look to develop and strengthen them.…

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