Team Diversity or Team Synergy?

Creative Team Meeting At Office

Teams have been facing massive disruptions for some time now. With previous focus on team synergy and recent discussions about team diversity, where does it leave leaders? What should you be focusing on and how should you structure your team to improve its effectiveness? Because at the end of the day, it’s the effectiveness that…

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Secrets To Managing Team Diversity

Managing Team Diversity

With so much talk about diversity in the workplace, it’s a shame that the statistics are still not improving! I’m furious to read the following: About 47% of companies had no women directors and 43% had no women executive officers in Canada in 2016. (Diversity Disclosure Practices 2016 Report by Osler) There is no change…

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How To Make Your Team More Creative

How to make team more creative

We live in times of ongoing innovation and change. Leaders know that their companies need to evolve. Yet, when you require innovative ideas from your team, often you hear the same old ideas and solutions. The question is, how do you draw out creativity from your team? It is difficult to disrupt the existing machinery…

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Multiculturalism – A Curse Or a Blessing?


We were all created different, unique and beautiful. We live in different countries, different cultures, yet our differences can be a major benefit when we learn to value each other. No matter where in the world you are, you have strengths and weaknesses and so do people around you. And so do people in other…

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