Refocus: How To Stay on the Right Track in a Long Haul

Motivation, Inspiration

Is your January as crazy as mine? Days seem to be flying with the speed of the light. Can you believe that January will be over next week? Statistics say that only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions. Whether you set resolutions or goals, chances are you will quit pursuing them somewhere between…

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How To Make This Your Most Successful Year Ever

Business success planning

Running a business is a challenging, yet exciting journey. There are ups and downs, outside forces and inside challenges. How can you as a business owner move from a state of overwhelm and frustration quickly, overcome challenges and build on successes to maximize the momentum? How can you stop spinning the wheels and focus your…

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How To Master Your Priorities

How to prioritize

When you get a moment, look around your office at your team members or ask your fellow entrepreneurs (or family members) and you’ll find out that majority of them live reactive lives. They show up at work in the morning, check for urgent and necessary tasks and start checking them off of their lists. (It…

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Top 10 Questions To Ask Yourself To Stay On Track

How to stay on track

You’ve set your goals for the year, broke them down by month and you have your weekly and daily to do lists. But as you start taking action, it’s so easy to fall into a trap of busyness. Suddenly there are requests coming in from other people, there are things happening around you requesting your…

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How To Overcome Today’s Top Leadership Challenges

Top leadership challenges

The life of a modern-day leader is not easy. Whether you lead from the middle or top of the organization (or you run your own company), whether you’re in North America, Europe, Asia or anywhere else in the world, leadership challenges seem to be very similar. You need to lead and motivate a diversified group…

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