Powerful Leadership: Where To Begin?

Where to begin as a leader

Starting a new leadership position can be both, exciting and frightening experience. What you do during your first days will contribute to your success or failure in a new role. Following are key strategies to help you understand where to begin as leader so that you win the game. 1. Take time to get to…

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How To Lead Through People Challenges

People challenges at workplace

Leadership would be easy if we didn’t have to lead people… just ask any leader! Yes, even after 20+ years of leading people, projects, meetings and new initiatives I still think that leading people is tougher than anything else. It’s actually so bad that even educators say that… Most of the problems that we face…

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Top 10 Signs of Bad Leadership

Signs bad leadership

Some time ago I wrote an article for Women Executive Network in Canada on how to thrive under a critical leader (if you missed it, you can find it here). Yet, statistics are so scary that I decided to address challenges from a different angle. But first, let’s look at what the workplace statistics say…

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LEAKED VIDEO: Top Enemies of Your Potential

Increase your potential

There are many things that can keep you stuck in your personal growth. In my “Living a Powerful Life” program I identified and shared top enemies of potential that most of the leaders tend to struggle with on a regular basis. I’m not selling anything to you. Living a Powerful Life program is currently closed.…

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The Power Within: 5 Steps To Overcome Any Setback

5 Steps To Overcome Setbacks

Canada is considered one of the most diverse countries around the globe. Since 1991 Canada welcomed over 250,000 immigrants (this number is supposed to increase to over 300,000 in 2016). That’s 684 per day, 288 per hour. Back in 2006 our family of 3 was thankful for this opportunity as we left everything behind and…

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