The Law of Intuition: Get GOOD first!

The Law of Intuition

In this 21 part series, based on John Maxwell’s book The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, I’m taking you on a journey towards better leadership. I share with you my own leadership lessons and insights. As a John Maxwell Team Member I’ll be happy to deliver transformational leadership training for your team or organization. See…

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Powerful Results: The Power of Instincts

Impact Academy

Thousands of decision makers agree that their greatest victories came when they trusted their guts. Yet, most of the people out there do not understand how to use the power of their instincts. Instincts are generally understood as an innate part of our behavior that emerges without any training or education. Instincts are inborn and…

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Understanding Kolbe

How to understand Kolbe

I remember the day when I first took the Kolbe ATM Index. I was excited because my coach told me that the insights would be invaluable and that I’d never be the same person again. So I did it. As excited as I was, I started to read through my results and …darn! I could…

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4 Simple Steps To Being Yourself

Be You

Last week we discussed the importance of being different (or being yourself), no matter how appealing someone else’s style is. If you missed the post, click here to catch up. Today we’ll have a closer look at how to discover your uniqueness. Whether you are looking to discover your unique strengths to set your business…

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How To Overcome Unexpected Challenges

How to overcome unexpected challenges

Most people consider me to be super organized and always on top of things. I have systems in almost every area of my life, my to-do list is the first thing I look at every morning, my clients rave about me always being prepared for their appointments and even my kids know not to disturb…

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Why Being a Better You Is NOT Always the Best Option

Personal Growth

There’s a buzz out there with everybody’s talking about personality tests, discovering strengths and weaknesses, self-improvement, and on and on and on. I wonder how long it will take for people to get tired of constantly “fixing’ themselves. Don’t get me wrong. I strongly believe in personal growth. Yet, I also know that many are…

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Instincts: Your Key To Success

Instincts and success

We live in society that values education. Every year students spend more and more money, time and energy on getting a good education hoping it will get them a better job and make them more money later in life. We believe that education is the path to riches. Recruiters look for people who are the right fit…

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