How Are You Holding Up?

Business People Meeting Corporate Teamwork Collaboration Concept

Daily pressure. Expectations. Overwhelm. Responsibility. Challenges. People. Opinions. Business. Personal preferences. Family challenges. And much more. Balancing others’ expectations, professional choices and personal life can be tough at times. And somewhere behind fancy clothes, big house and recognition in community you know that things are not as pretty as you wish they were. Broken relationships.…

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How To Build a Winning Succession Plan

How To Build Succession Plan

Leadership isn’t an easy task. It takes a lot to get to the top, then you need to remain there and take a good care of people under your lead. And once you make it, the game isn’t over yet. Unless you are ok with your legacy dying with you, it is necessary to ensure…

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50 Shades of Leadership

Leadership Lessons Learned from John Maxwell

I’m honored to call John Maxwell my mentor and friend. If you have never heard about John Maxwell, you absolutely must read this post! John Maxwell is the #1 Leadership Expert according to Inc. Magazine and the AMA (American Management Association). Referred to as America’s top leadership authority, he received the Mother Teresa Prize for Global Peace and…

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