The Power Within: 5 Steps To Overcome Any Setback

5 Steps To Overcome Setbacks

Canada is considered one of the most diverse countries around the globe. Since 1991 Canada welcomed over 250,000 immigrants (this number is supposed to increase to over 300,000 in 2016). That’s 684 per day, 288 per hour. Back in 2006 our family of 3 was thankful for this opportunity as we left everything behind and…

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Instincts: Your Key To Fulfilling Your Dreams


During my life I’ve worked with different types of people – from newborns to retirees, from prisoners to successful entrepreneurs, from needy to wealthy. There’s one thing that ALL of these people had in common. There’s one thing that even you and I have in common, no matter how old, skilled, smart or rich we…

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