Top 20 iPhone Productivity Apps 2018

iPhone Productivity Apps

I’m on my fourth iPhone now and truth be told, it has become one of my favourite productivity tools. It comes with me everywhere I go and thanks to some cool productivity apps, it not only saves me time, but also keeps me on track on a daily basis. If you live a busy lifestyle…

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The Powerful Team Work (Video)

The Power of Team Work

It is fascinating to observe teams working together. Things like personality, preferences, ego come to the surface and impact how individuals work, perform and enjoy their workplace (or community). If you are a leader looking for resources to create a powerful team work, you are at the right place. Rule #1: Powerful team work means…

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Top 10 Online Tools I Can’t Live Without

Canva graphics

When you run an online business, you learn to love technology, or hate it. Depending on your experiences. I’m not a tech guru or geek, but when I discover great tech tools that make my business and life easier, it makes my day. Just like you, I rely on technology on a daily basis. Today…

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My Favorite Evernote Features

Why Evernote

Occasionally, I can be pretty stubborn. Even though I had many people¬†recommend Evernote to me as a great productivity tool, for months I kept refusing to check it out thinking it would be ‘just like other apps’. You know the ones, they eat up more time than they save… But one cold day in February…

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My Top 5 Business Books

Abraham Lincoln quote about books

I almost forgot how much I love books. Being an entrepreneur, busy mom of two girls, wife of entrepreneur who loves to move around, volunteer, friend and many other hats I wear (sounds familiar?) takes a lot of time… But once you’re truly passionate about something, the time will come when you rediscover the missing…

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My Favorite Text To Image iPhone Apps

Tect to image app

With the boost of images on social media sites and image based social media platforms, you might have a look at these text to image iPhone apps. How these apps work? Simply pick a quote or text you want to share, choose the right image, background and frame and voila, post it on your favorite…

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