Top 20 iPhone Productivity Apps 2018

iPhone Productivity Apps

I’m on my fourth iPhone now and truth be told, it has become one of my favourite productivity tools. It comes with me everywhere I go and thanks to some cool productivity apps, it not only saves me time, but also keeps me on track on a daily basis. If you live a busy lifestyle…

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Why Your Business Needs Checklists

Why Create Business Checklist

My team, our clients and even many who know me personally know about my obsession with checklists. My personal rule is… If you do anything more than once, make a checklist for it. Why? There are many reasons. Let me share just a couple of them to help you join the club and create business checklists. 1.…

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Top 3 Reasons Why We Use Nozbe

Increase productivity with Nozbe

About two weeks ago I posted a productivity tip. I do this on a monthly basis, completely complimentary for my Impact Academy Members. They love these simple tips and tutorials because they’re easy to implement while saving them tons of time and energy, helping them get more done in less time. This month’s tip was about how…

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Top 5 Reasons Why To Join Online Business Simplified

Online Business Simplified

With the registration for my upcoming “Online Business Simplified: A missing link to your online profits” being in full swing, I’m being asked over and over again… Is this the RIGHT program for me? If you’ve been asking the same question, continue reading as I’m going to show you 5 reasons why NOT to join Online…

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Top 5 Productivity Apps for Beach Lifestyle

Top 5 Productivity Apps

I’m passionate about productivity and performance. With my plate full I’m always looking for strategies, tools and other shortcuts to help me get more done in less time. At this time of my life, I’m incredibly thankful for technology. It enables me to run my business virtually and make bigger impact in the lives of…

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How To Set Goals That You Actually Accomplish

How to accomplish goals faster

We all are guilty of it. Some in bigger scale than others, but we all do it. We set goals just to find out that somewhere along the way we slipped off the road and missed the goal. What is the secret sauce of goal setting? Join me as I look behind goal setting and…

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Top 10 Online Tools I Can’t Live Without

Canva graphics

When you run an online business, you learn to love technology, or hate it. Depending on your experiences. I’m not a tech guru or geek, but when I discover great tech tools that make my business and life easier, it makes my day. Just like you, I rely on technology on a daily basis. Today…

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