Video: Team Work Gone Wrong

Team Work Fail

Team Work FailBuilding a team is not an easy task.

A group of individuals, each with his/her own dreams and aspirations can be challenging to bring together to pursue goals and results they might not care about.

Here are some of our favorite videos to share with your team as you look to develop and strengthen them.

Problem #1: Team training with no results

This funny video shows the core issue with team building training – which often time ends up producing no tangible results other than keeping people away from their work.

Problem #2: Team work with no forward progress

One of the biggest frustrations on a team is when one person’s achievements are depleted by someone else’s counter action. People might be busy doing stuff, the question is how effective they are in what they’re doing?

Problem #3: Team communication disasters

There are countless examples out there proving that teams can’t win while stuck in miscommunication. In fact, bad communication is the #1 reason for project failure in IT projects. But please, don’t think that you are safe if you’re not on an IT team. We’ve seen lack of communication bring variety of teams and companies down, hurting their profits and customer relations.

The question remains…

As a leader, how do you build a strong team with problems and disasters waiting around each corner?

Solution: Team building done right

Team building is more than a single event. It’s action done right consistently over the longer period of time.

Great teams don’t just happen to be. It takes intentionality and perseverance… and loads of effort to build a team that outperforms your expectations. Yet, every time I’ve experienced a creation of one, it was worth the effort.

Strong teams require strong leadership, ongoing motivation and support. Good teams understand the importance of diversity and leverage each other’s strengths and contribution. Here’s a great video to discuss with your team if you’re looking to improve it…

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