Silvia’s insights made a huge difference!

I received my Kolbe A™ Index results before meeting Silvia, and I thought I had a good understanding of what it meant after reading and interpreting my Kolbe results on my own. I found the results interesting but I didn’t feel like I gained any real insight. Silvia told me about her becoming Kolbe Certified Consultant, and she was so excited about it. Her enthusiasm made me think that I must have missed something…if she was this excited, there must be more to the Kolbe Index than I realized! So I agreed to meet with her and have her review my results. WOW! I am SO glad I decided to see what had her so excited… because now I know! She was able to help me understand why I was struggling in a few areas and, using my Kolbe results, she helped me know how I can handle those situations successfully in the future. Silvia helped me understand the results better, but more importantly, she helped me apply them to my daily personal and professional life. I enjoyed this experience so much that I am going to work through a different Kolbe assessment with Silvia!