Your Best Results Realized

Think Bigger. Accelerate Growth. Make an Impact.

Your Best Results Realized

Think Bigger. Accelerate Growth. Make an Impact.

PLC team works with the following industries:

  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Financial Services
  • Hospitality
  • Non-Profit & Associations
  • Professional Services
  • Public Sector
  • Retail
  • Small & Medium Size Businesses
  • Telecommunications

What Our Clients Say...

Silvia helped me save time, money, and energy

Silvia walks, talks, lives and breathes strategy. She has kept me focused and on track, which has saved me time, money and energy. The best part about working with Silvia? She gives me a sense of clarity that enables me to make and carry out good strategic decisions. She inspires me to implement quickly because that’s what she does. Oh yes, and she makes everything so much fun! Thank you Silvia.

Leslie Evans Thorne

Silvia helped me take my business to the next level

I met Silvia at a large networking event and after a quick talk, I instantly knew she was the one I needed to take my business to the next level. Her patience and expertise have gotten me to a place that I had struggled getting to on my own for years. In less than 2 months, I already understand, and have implemented the steps I need to take to expand my business and reach out to more potential clients. Silvia is also the first consultant that has ever properly explained to me what to do to increase SEO. I would, and do, recommend her services to all small businesses that are looking to grow, succeed and maximize performance.

Scarlett DeBease

Silvia Pencak is a game changer!

We hired Silvia to help us improve employee retention. Silvia was able to pinpoint the problems, design a clear action plan and even followed up couple weeks later to check how we are doing and give us additional strategies to continue the good work we’ve started. We highly recommend Silvia for teams and organizations. She is highly professional and extremely knowledgeable in the area of team dynamics. She’s also very personable and pleasure to work with.


Consultation with Silvia provided me the insights I needed to move my business to the next level

Silvia is a thorough and very knowledgeable Kolbe Certified Consultant. The insight she provided during our consultation session was of great value. This is truly a springboard to a deeper understanding of my key strengths and the value that I provide to my clients.

Stephanie Treasure
Stephanie Treasure

Silvia’s insights made a huge difference!

I received my Kolbe A™ Index results before meeting Silvia, and I thought I had a good understanding of what it meant after reading and interpreting my Kolbe results on my own. I found the results interesting but I didn’t feel like I gained any real insight. Silvia told me about her becoming Kolbe Certified Consultant, and she was so excited about it. Her enthusiasm made me think that I must have missed something…if she was this excited, there must be more to the Kolbe Index than I realized! So I agreed to meet with her and have her review my results. WOW! I am SO glad I decided to see what had her so excited… because now I know! She was able to help me understand why I was struggling in a few areas and, using my Kolbe results, she helped me know how I can handle those situations successfully in the future. Silvia helped me understand the results better, but more importantly, she helped me apply them to my daily personal and professional life. I enjoyed this experience so much that I am going to work through a different Kolbe assessment with Silvia!

Melissa Gaines

Silvia is a real change agent!

Silvia assisted me in re-engineering our entire education department as she managed over 180 volunteers and supported 10 staff insuring over 300 children each week had an engaging and transformative education experience. During this time Silvia exemplified noble character and was a real change agent. Silvia’s passion in equipping people and her unquenchable desire to improve organizational effectiveness made a tremendous impact on past and current success of our department.


Silvia’s Creativity Transformed Our Team

Silvia was a joy to work with. She is a true idea generator – fun, energetic and creative. Her out-of-the-box ideas helped us overcome many challenges we faced with our teams while significantly improving individual and team performance. Silvia has strong opinions and is not afraid to assert herself, but isn’t too stubborn that she can’t listen to other opinions or work with others. We’ll be looking forward to working with her in future.

C.M., Manager

Thank you for all you do Silvia. You are a great leader. I must say that thanks to you and your support, I’m on my own road to success now. Working with you gave me the much needed boost and I have to admit, it made me believe in myself, so now I can lead the life and business I want. Thank you for your support, resources and encouragement. I couldn’t have done it without you!

Thanks so much for reminding me about my unique strengths. Your diligence in your plan is something I admire, but if I tried to work like you I would pass out. hehe! It’s great to understand MY best way of running my business. I am now very aware of how I work and how to create my best results. I’m also more aware of how people are and trying to figure out what they need. I move on quickly. It is great. My whole mindset on things has turned a corner and I’m starting to see more sales. Thanks so much for all your help.

Thank you Silvia! You’ve really stretched my thinking about how to properly build my business. It’s like you are taking apart all the other crap of how I was supposed to do things from “gurus” and putting me and business back together the right way based on exactly how I am built and what I am good at.

Instant results!

Yay! I released my sales page and have my first two sales now! (Just when I was going to try to skip it! Haha) One picture I put up on my Facebook went viral in one day over 7500 views! So I used that for my sale.

Just wrapped interview with super talented Silvia for my No Hassle Social Media members! Great content, thanks Silvia, you rock!

Jim Palmer
Jim Palmer

Silvia delivers proven results!

I absolutely love your iAcademy. It has helped me fine tune my schedule, put my energy where it counts & has simplified my life so that I enjoy my family, 2 businesses, homeschooling and farming. I have been able to make it work with your help. Thanks so much!

Dawn Shaffer
Dawn Shaffer

Transformational insights

I like your materials. I am going over this lesson tonight. Thank you for this class, Silvia! It’s truly transformational!


I tripled my business in the past 3 months

Thanks so much for all that you do. You really invest in people. My business profits tripled over the past 3 months. I am so glad that I have found you.

Silvia helped me design and live a more balanced life

I watched your video this past Monday. With the tools that you have showed me I was able to work everything well and be with my family. My brother was diagnosed with stage 3 multiple myeloma – this bone cancer was in his back. I was able to plan for this and not feel frazzled with. I was with my parents and him helping out. Everything with my business still ran smooth. Thank you for showing me how to run my business instead of being its slave! I could have never done it without you!


Just finished a wonderful interview & call with Silvia Pencak. Silvia, you’re a treat to speak with!

Kasey Traeger
Kasey Traeger

Silvia, thank you for your fantastic information at #BusROE summit. Awesome!

Francine Bishop
Francine Bishop

Silvia transformed my business, life and family

You really put me in a place to reorganize certain areas in my life, help me recapture what is important, and helped to reignite the passion in my business and life especially in this time when my life is going through a storm. You helped me help my family in the process. I thank you so much for pouring out your passion for us through this program and your videos. You really over delivered.

Dawn Shaffer
Dawn Shaffer

Silvia helped me become more intentional about my time and future

Thank you Silvia for all these modules and challenges over the program. It has forced me to focus on myself and to be more intentional about what I do with my time, experience and planning for the future. It’s been a challenge to answer the questions – especially at first – but as I’ve done it a second and third time I’ve seen more things and been able to identify areas that I need to work on to improve. Silvia is a great coach and thinking partner who challenges you to do things differently and uplevel as a leader. I highly recommend her for leaders who want to improve results for themselves or their company.

Sharryn Ludlow
Sharryn Ludlow

Silvia Sees Opportunities For Women To Succeed Where Others May Not

Silvia’s presentations are not only well-organized, informative and to-the-point, they are also inspirational! She sees opportunities for women to succeed where others may not and she’s extremely generous in sharing this information. Silvia’s mind is clearly that of a woman born for business and it’s always enlightening to have the opportunity to learn from her, whether it about client relationship management or marketing on the web…or any of the areas in between!

Laura Burke

Silvia’s Attitude, Work Ethics & Motivation Are Contagious

I have been working with Silvia for the past couple years on all different projects and have always been impressed with her positive attitude and high motivation level. She is a definite go-getter, super organized, tremendous multitasker, responsive, honest, and a true inspiration. She is someone I look up to and would not hesitate to recommend.

Dawn Papandrea-Khan
DPK Graphic Design

Silvia Helps Me To Focus On My Unique Abilities

Client testimonial Scarlett De Bease

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