Want To Have a Thriving Business in 2018? You MUST Read This!

Thriving business 2018It’s the end of the year and I am getting emotional.

We are finishing a great year. One that took me out of my comfort zone, tested my resilience and made me a stronger person.

I faced many obstacles and challenges this past year and many opportunities. I took some good turns and survived the setbacks. And then there were the great things. Amazing people I got to meet, unexpected results that made it all worth it and beauty I got to enjoy.

Here’s what I am especially grateful for this year:

  • Our new house and my beautiful office with a fireplace, amazing storage space and a gorgeous view (and right now even with a Christmas tree!).
  • A trip to Slovakia this summer where I got to combine work and fun.
  • New friendships and incredible support for my business. I am surrounded by amazing people and loving it!
  • Incredible leaders and teams I got to work with this past year.
  • New opportunities, from my positions at the Board of Directors and Executive Women’s Network Committee to the Top 100 Leadership Blog Award (at #35!) and many more.
  • Travel – I actually took 8 trips this year alone and enjoyed every single one of them.
  • Family. I am loving to be married to my best friend and my girls inspire me to work harder, guard my boundaries and play more.
  • Daily pleasures like coffee and chocolate. Sunshine. Technology. Flowers. Victories. Inspiring people. Goodness around the world. And many more.

I am guessing that your year was somewhat similar. There were good days and some bad ones too. But the good days made it all worth it, right?

I’m pretty sure that 2018 will not be any different. Not everything will be smooth, but at the end you will do just fine. Yes, you will take some hits and lose some fights, but at the end of it you will survive. (That’s as many predictions as you get from me about 2018, haha.)


  • you choose to be intentional about the results you create during the upcoming year.
  • you choose to focus on your goals and make them happen in spite of the challenges or circumstances.
  • you choose to not accept the losses, but use them as a stepping stones on your way to a victory.

It might take all you have right now and some more. It might challenge and stretch you, but I don’t want you to do it alone.

I have a proposition for you. I worked with some incredible people this past year and I think it might be the time for the two of us to partner together.

I am excited about 2018. I am ready to invest in raising more leaders. I want to support leaders who…

  • understand the power of relationships and care about the people as much (or slightly more) than they care about the profits
  • are willing to say “Enough!” to overwhelm, status quo and same old.
  • want to lead the change instead of watching it happen.
  • are willing and ready to up-level themselves and their business.

If this is you, I want you to take the first step. Actually, this isn’t completely right. I’ve already made the first step for you. I lowered the price tag on my Impact Academy to the original price from January 2015 when the iAcademy originally started. My special Christmas present to our community. If you join us now, you can SAVE HUGE and we will actually lock in your price for as long as you remain a member.

Click here to learn more and claim your seat!

I can hardly wait to support you and your business in 2018.

To your success,

Signature Silvia Pencak

PS: This is a limited time offer.

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