Time Management Evaluation

One of my favorite words is COMMITMENT. Over the years I studied it from different angles, applied it to the multiple areas of my life and I keep showing our clients simple ways to up their commitment too.

Here's the number one thing I know about commitment... No one can be committed to everything and everyone 100%. We need to choose our focus, our priorities and allocate our commitment accordingly.

Today I want to look at commitment as it relates to time management. After training and consulting for over 15 years, I've seen a lack of commitment in this area among individuals across all the levels inside the organizations. We tend to hide behind a 'lack of time', 'being busy' or we blame others for missing deadlines and being tardy.

Our tendency to fall into excuses and blame, keeps us from seeing the leaks in how we manage our time. To help you honestly assess your status, I designed a Time Management Evaluation tool. Use it to assess your time management skills and see how well you're doing in this area.

Time Management Self-Assessment

We all have 24 hours in a day. Are you ready to discover how well are you using yours?

Following assessment will help you understand how well you’re managing your time. You will be asked to provide your email address so that we can send you your results.

How well did you do in this assessment? Do you agree with the results? What can you do to improve your current status quo?





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