My Top 5 Business Books

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I almost forgot how much I love books. Being an entrepreneur, busy mom of two girls, wife of entrepreneur who loves to move around, volunteer, friend and many other hats I wear (sounds familiar?) takes a lot of time... But once you're truly passionate about something, the time will come when you rediscover the missing piece in your life.

For me it's books.

Yes, I still love reading blogs, ezines, social media streams, but my Kindle is slowly filling up with ebooks, and my library is getting full again. I am "in the zone"! (wink-wink)

Today I want to share with you five of my top business books that I keep handy all the time. Mine are not in the best condition, highlighted inside and out, with many notes in them, but they are my absolute favorites. I refer to them often and use principles and strategies I've learned from them in my own business, as well as while consulting my clients. If you like any of my recommendation, you can get your copy at Amazon by clicking on the image.

1. Developing the Leader Within You by John C. Maxwell

Whether you aspire to be a leader or not, this book is for you. As you read through the pages of this book you will not only discover your calling to be a leader, but you will also learn the techniques to become a good one. Great read, excellent strategies, no wonder it's one of my favorite business books.

2. Integrity by Dr. Henry Cloud

One of the most important qualities of leadership, integrity can make or break your business, your reputation, your charity or anything else you do in life. This book is not as easy read as the above Developing the Leader Within You, but still, I highly recommend it to everyone who is looking to build not only a profitable, but also sustainable business.

3. Anointed for Business by Ed Silvoso

This is an incredible book for every Godly entrepreneur who wants to understand the truth behind entrepreneurship and run his or her business the right way. You will be amazed how many myths you believed were true. This book will open your eyes and free you up to being your best while letting God to do His extraordinary in spite of you.

4. The Mary Kay Way by Mary Kay Ash

This book will transform the way you view your business and deal with your customers. Discover timeless principles from one of America's greatest woman entrepreneurs who built multi-billion dollar global business on Golden Rule principle. And don't get it wrong - this book is valuable not only for "pink chicks" 😉

5. Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

If I didn't include this book, my inbox would probably get pretty full with reminders that this is the most important book every entrepreneur needs to read. I'm not sure what to add to all the accolades this book has already received. Maybe just that no matter where your business is today, this book can help you get even better results.

Question: What other business books would you recommend to entrepreneurs out there? Share your favorites on social media - remember to tag me!

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