Top 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Why business needs blog

Trends come and go, but blogging continues to provide value to businesses and organizations around the globe even in 2018. Many think that regular updates are for mainstream media, but blogging is so easy to set up and manage that even a one-man-show businesses or organizations on shoe-string-budget can do it well if they choose to. With many organizations still asking about blogging ROI, I decided to summarize the benefits of having a blog. If you are not sure whether blogging is the right strategy for you, keep on reading as I will share with you top 5 reasons why business needs blog.

1. Position your business as a thought leader

One of the biggest obstacles of blogging is the amount of time it takes to write new content and market it. Taking time to share your insights and expertise not only positions you as someone who understands the topic, but also someone who cares about supporting others. You go that extra mile to empower people who follow you, which positions you as a leader and someone worth following. No matter what industry you are in or what topic you focus on, blogging can give you extra added credibility.

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2. Drive traffic to your website

Having regularly updated blog means that you have fresh content to share with your audience either on social media or via email. It brings people back to your site as they seek new information, insights, or reviews. With the vast amount of information out there, you must ensure that your content is relevant, applicable, and high quality. The key is to understand that you can have the best offers on your website, but if your audience doesn't come over, how will they find out about them and buy?

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3. Improve SEO ranking

I am not an SEO expert, but I've noticed that once I started to blog regularly, my SEO went through a roof. Search engines like Google like fresh content and reward you for work well done. Yes, you will still need to learn and use the SEO strategies to make it work, but increased numbers of visitors will definitely help position you higher in online searches.

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4. Educate & empower your audience

This is my favourite benefit. As someone who blogs regularly, I have an honour and privilege to inspire, educate and empower people around the globe to help them become better leaders, improve their business acumen and success rate of their initiatives. No matter where in the world you are, what's your background, status or situation, as soon as you have Internet connection and understand English, you can enjoy the insights, strategies and tips I share on my website. You can do that too - for your audience. People are looking for trusted resources, proven strategies, and people who care enough to help them improve. Will you step into that gap and fill the void? Pick a topic you know about, decide how often you can bring a fresh piece of content and start writing.

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5. Build your email list

Once you put in work to create content, drive visitors and engagement, don't forget to build your list too. Social media platforms change, restricting your followers' access to your updates. But your email subscribers get all your content for as long as they remain subscribers. Email is still the most powerful way to stay in touch with your audience. And having a great blog is a good way to stay in touch.

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Before you jump into blogging, please note that blogging takes time. You need time to write and edit your content, do the SEO and marketing. And you also need time to respond to comments and questions.

To your success,

Signature Silvia Pencak

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