Top 5 Tips To Building Emotional Connection For Long Term Success

Social Media and Brand RecognitionWhile every business owner is aware of the dramatic changes that have taken place in the world of online marketing, it’s also true that not every business owner knows how to take advantage of these changes and use them to raise their business to the next level. Online space became crowded not only with your potential clients, but also with competitors trying to get their attention as much as you do. So how in the world can you make sure that your business gets the most out of this what we jokingly call the “kicking and screaming” place?

It won’t be a surprise if I say that there is a connection between social media and brand loyalty. We all are looking to build a strong brand loyalty toward our business. We want better clients who stay, and we want more of them. But how can you use social media to actually build such a relationship with your clients?

There are hundreds of articles here at my blog that talk about branding and social media, but today I want to share with you something I’ve never shared before – my favorite tips to building emotional connection with your clients for a long-term success.

Get your creative juices running as I take you through some of the tips that have proven to be a huge value to my clients as well as my own business.

1. Share images

If you have a smartphone, you have a camera with you all the time. Take pictures of interesting things you see during a day. If they got your attention, they might get attention of those following you. Don’t go overboard, but keep your images varied and interesting. Remember to add interesting text (commentary) and you might have a winner.

Interest gained. Next…

2. Tell personal stories

One of the things that completely set you apart from your competitors is your story. There’s no one else out there who live the exact same life as you do or shares the exact same experiences. Share your thoughts, opinions, experiences and lessons you’ve learned from your past failures and you might as well win their hearts.

Connection made. Next…

3. Listen

Many times we talk so loud tat we forget to listen. When listening, we make a decision to hear and understand what others are saying. We’re in the information overload. Many out there are no longer looking for someone who will talk at them, but are looking for someone who will listen. Ask questions, be sincerely interested in their opinions, acknowledge your audience for their input. A business that will step in this place, will win the attention of its prospects and clients (hint-hint!).

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4. Help

emotional connectionListening helps you understand the needs your prospects and clients have, the pain they’re experiencing and it makes it easier for you to step in and offer a helping hand. Stop blindly shooting your message out there and start strategically looking for those you can help. Be present. Be willing to share tidbits of your expertise and support your community. Engage them in a conversation. Answer questions, respond to their concerns. As Zig Ziglar used to say: “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”

Trust built. Next…

5. Become customer service extraordinaire

The larger your community, the more spammers your social media accounts will attract. Keep your community safe by keeping an eye on your accounts keeping them healthy and safe. Don’t be afraid to delete or block if necessary. Be fast in discovering client complaints and respond to them in a timely manner. Monitor your business name mentions on social media, remember that bad word will spread fast like a fire creating damage that might be hard to fix. Remember that ‘Thank you’ and ‘We appreciate you’ are powerful statements that shouldn’t be missing in your social media dictionary. Understand what, when, how and why you’re doing and create systems around your customer service.

Clients sealed. Now… Repeat!!!

Social media and brand loyalty is an impenetrable connection between you and your customer base, and a prime opportunity for you to establish that all-important emotional connection that will set you far above the competition.

Question: Do you find social media useful in building loyalty between your clients and your business? What social media platform do you find working best for you right now? Let me know in the comment section below.

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