Top 3 Causes of Burnout And How To Prevent It

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None of us wants to experience burnout. But the ugly truth is that most people who do, didn’t have it on their wish list. They didn’t strive to achieve it.

Sadly, burnout is a by-product of our actions or environment. It is a state of chronic stress that you experience at your work, life or because of your personality. To find out whether you are in the midst of burnout, check this article for a list of signs of burnout.

Today I want to take you through the causes of burnout to help you prevent it from occurring in your life or in your workplace. Let’s look at the 3 main causes of burnout.

1. Work-related causes

Work-related causes of burnout relate to your workplace. Most of the time, these are the external triggers that you have little say about like working in a very demanding workplace, under high pressure or unchallenging environment. Having a bad boss or toxic culture One of the top causes is being forced to work against your conative strengths, for example organized person working in chaotic environment or innovative individual working in an environment where everyone else is playing it safe.

2. Lifestyle causes

Lifestyle causes are related to how you manage your time and priorities. Way too many people exhaust their energy, working too much, taking no breaks, or getting too little sleep. Overcommitting to things you have no time or energy for or having no boundaries is a surefire way to burnout.

3. Personality causes

Personality causes are internal. Traits like perfectionism or high achiever can help you climb the ladder higher or faster, but are not really sustainable in a long run. Seeing all the mistakes leads to dissatisfaction, constant rework and negativism. It’s important to set up guards and protections to keep you sane and on target.

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