Top Secret To Achieving Real Success

How to achieve real success

One of the questions I get asked most frequently when doing interviews, speaking at conferences or working with my clients is “what are your top success secrets?” In today’s post I’m going to reveal one of them.

Those around me know that I’m serious about my personal and business growth. One of my favorite ways to grow is to surround myself with winners.

I’ve worked with many top players in different industries like “the Millionnaire-Maker” Dan Kennedy, Entrepreneurial Maven Yanik Silver, Leadership Guru John C. Maxwell, Entrepreneurial Women Business Coach Ali Brown, Forbe’s Top 20 Social Media Influencer Sandi Krakowski and many others.

Working alongside some highly successful entrepreneurs, behind the closed doors of top mastermind groups and through my own journey of growing my business from struggling to thriving, I’ve learned many valuable lessons about success.

There’s ONE that stands above every other…

You can't win using someone else's strengths. Click To Tweet

You can’t win using someone else’s strengths!

I want you to pay close attention to me today. I’ve been where you are – looking up to others, trying to copy what they’re doing to make more money and succeed. But instead of seeing an increase in my income, I ended up getting deeper into my mess, losing myself and my unique edge in the process.

I’m NOT talking about unique positioning, creating something cool out of yourself like we’ve seen with Miley Cyrus and her desperate fight for attention.

What I mean is this…

Before you can succeed, you need to discover the true YOU. Who you are when all the pretense, all you’ve learned, all the experiences, feelings and personalities are stripped down. Who you are at your deepest core and who you will always be.

Before you can succeed, you need to discover the true YOU! Click To Tweet

Let me give you an example. For the longest time ever (ok, not that long, somewhere around a year) I knew that I resonate with creating and working with systems. So I started to offer my clients customized strategies for their online presence. My practice took off pretty quickly and I was making good money while creating high value for my clients.

Still, I wasn’t happy. Something wasn’t right, but I couldn’t figure out why.

Kolbe A ResultNot until I had a closer look at my KolbeTM score, which is 3-7-7-3. I instantly knew what was wrong. My problem was in the Fact Finder area – information and research.

As you probably know, creating online strategies requires a lot of research, including a target market, competition, even keyword research. This is what was frustrating me in the whole process. My natural strength in Fact Finder is to simplify, which is on the other end of specify (in-depth research).

What I created was a business that I could do well at because of my expertise, but it was causing a lot of stress in my life because I was working against my natural grain.

In my case, a solution was pretty simple… Hire somebody for the research part, while I kept focusing on the strategy part. Taking this step not only removed unnecessary stress from my life, but it also created better results for my clients.So one of my top success secrets is that in order to be successful you must understand and use your natural talents. In other words, you must be you.

In what areas of your business, job, or life do you feel tension? Is it possible that you’ve been trying to do things the way others are doing them instead of defining what fits best for you? I’d love to hear your perspective on this topic. Leave a comment below or message me on Facebook here to let me know.

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