Top Tips To Increase Employee Engagement

How to increase employee engagement

Statistics are alarming. Less than 32% of employees are engaged in their jobs. In this age when employee engagement and culture issues seem to be the biggest problems in companies, we see disengagement affect all positions, from top to bottom.

What options do you have to change this statistic in your organization? Today we'll look at my top tips to increase employee engagement.

1. Become a better leader

First place where leaders tend to go when looking at the low employee engagement is their team. But the truth is, you can't start with others. There's little you can do to change other people. The easiest way to start is to show the way. Invest in your personal growth, hire a coach, become a better leader, discover your strengths, build on your own strengths, improve your communication, grow your skill set, set the example. Remember, change is easiest when it starts from top down.

2. Build strong relationships

Don't just talk to your team. Connect with them. Meet them where they are, take time to inquire and understand. Be the first one to build a bridge. People are willing to do more for those they trust and value.

3. Empower your team

Don't just give responsibility. Give authority. Train them, support them, yet let them own their decisions and results, or lack of them. When it comes to mistakes, have enough grace to forgive and help them learn and improve. 

4. Recognize your team member contribution

Notice contribution and achievement. Be generous with praise. Share good stuff publicly, resolve mistakes and failures personally. When growing your employee engagement, it's important to keep an eye on individuals that showcase the engagement and set them as examples for others. Also notice those who are trying to increase their engagement and praise them for any progress you notice. Be generous and persistent with praise.

5. Create a sense of ownership

Companies can no longer afford having employees who lack sense of ownership or full responsibility for themselves or their decisions. This is something you can actually influence easier than you think.  None of us likes to be part of the team where there are no consequences for mediocrity or low performance. It creates frustration which impacts workplace relationships and ultimately the workplace efficiency. Keep your team responsible.

6. Set goals and share vision

I can't strengthen this enough. Many times the reason behind employee disengagement is simply that your employees don't see the big picture. Why all the hassle if they just want to show up and collect a paycheque? Create a culture in your company where your team not only understands the vision, but can shape and improve it as they go along. To put in their best effort, your employees need to have sense of ownership.

7. Set clear expectations

Help your team members understand what's expected from them. Shape your expectations around the job position, but understand their unique strengths and skill set to set them up for success. I highly recommend to invest in better understanding your team strengths and natural talent and maximize individual and team productivity and performance.

8. Be open to constructive feedback

Communicate with your team, provide opportunity for feedback and be quick to not only listen, but also act on it. When ignored, employees usually start looking for other career opportunities. Seek opportunities to collect feedback, review it, act on it, implement changes necessary. Follow up with your team to let them know that you're paying attention to their opinions and encourage feedback. One simple idea can transform your team's results.

9. Conduct exit interviews

When people leave, don't go into hiding. Schedule exit interview and ask for feedback, suggestions for improvement, their favorite things about the team. This is actually the best time to collect honest feedback as individuals no longer feel obligated to 'play it nice'. You can gain some incredible feedback if you're willing to listen.

10. Reward and praise engaged employees

You'll get more of what you reward. Pay attention to behavior you want to see more of and you WILL start seeing more of it. Set the example, notice great application and reward it - this is your recipe for improved performance on your team.

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