The Powerful Team Work (Video)

The Power of Team Work

It is fascinating to observe teams working together. Things like personality, preferences, ego come to the surface and impact how individuals work, perform and enjoy their workplace (or community). If you are a leader looking for resources to create a powerful team work, you are at the right place.

Rule #1: Powerful team work means helping each other

The best performing teams understand that team will always outperform an individual. They figured out that by supporting others they are actually supporting themselves.  Use video below to help your team understand this principle.

Rule #2: Powerful teams get the timing right

Like I mentioned above, strong teams can resist life's challenges better than individuals. Together we are stronger... Watch video below to help your team understand this truth.

Rule #3: Powerful team work means watching after each other

We can learn a lot from animals that stick together to support each other and ease up the challenges of life. Being a Canadian, I can't but mention Canadian geese, right? Geese are excellent example of team work done right. Just watch the video below. As you share it with your team, ask your team members the following questions: How is our team like the geese in this video? What needs to change to help us improve team dynamics and overall results?

If you enjoyed these resources, share them with your team or other leaders to help them build more powerful teams, better results and stronger organizations.

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